A marathon for Lachie Love's Bucket List!

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Nikki, Aunty Erin, Arani and Charly are running the Queenstown full or Whangamatā 1/2 Marathon for Lachie’s bucket list trip to Melbourne ✈️


Lachie is 9, he has a terminal brainstem tumour called a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). When diagnosed kids are usually given a prognosis of 9 months, and families are told to go home and make memories. It’s brutal and still there is no known cure.

Diagnosed December 2022, Lachie is feisty and he has outlived this. Lachie’s whānau, Mum Liesje, Dad Andy and younger bro Harry have been through the ringer.

Nikki and friends Arani and Charly are running the Queenstown Marathon on the 16th of November. Liesje is Nikki’s bestie. Lach and Finn, Nikki’s son are two months apart in age and Nikki’s twins Kate and Isla, and Harry are the same age.

Erin, Lachie’s Aunty is running the Whangamatā 1/2 in September all to raise money to get Lachie to Melbourne for a bucket list trip while he is stable enough to go.

We know things are tight right now, so we would appreciate even the smallest donations! ALL of the money goes to Liesje, Lachies mum, we want to fund the WHOLE trip to Melbourne for the while family.

Nikki Fahey's involvement (page creator)

Lachies Mum Liesje and Nikki have been close friends for decades, Lachie and Nikki's son Finn are the same age and besties.

Use of funds

The money will go to bucket list adventures of the family's choosing, like travel/ a concert or outings of Lachs choosing, equipment and day to day expenses to cover the support he needs.

This is our other Givealittle page for the on-going costs for his treatment https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/lachie-needs-your-help

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Wow whānau! The power of the collective!!  12 June 2024

I cannot get over the response! Well I can because humans always want to help if they can, and I’m so hopeful we can cover a fair bit of the trip for the Loves! I met Liesje, Lachies mum a couple of decades ago and I cried at her the first time we met, so I went over to her course the next day to say sorry for crying and she asked me how I was, so of course I cried again hahaha.

But we became whānau then. We still laugh about that day. Liesje has been there for me solidly without a break and I her in varying ways of course because we love each other, but this is something I need to do for all of her family who have to cope with the worst shit ever. The nightmare, your child is sick and very sick.

I don’t mean to be dramatic but I will to make the point. Liesje has saved me a few times, I can’t save Lach (if I could that’s what I would be doing) but I can be there whole heartedly for Andy, Liesje, Harry and Lachie. They are my family and you are now all whānau too because you at all part of helping some of my most favourite people have a very cool trip.

There will be a huge amount of accessibility considerations with Lachies wheelchair so if anyone has any ideas of accessible fun stuff in Melbourne let us know!

Because WE HAVE BOOKED!! We are doing it! Thanks for you help trying to cover some of the cost of it all! I hope we can eventually cover all of it!

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Rex 4 days ago
Nikki Fahey

Oh my gosh Rex!!! Wow!! You’re a legend! Thank you!

Nikki Fahey
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Nikki Fahey

Thanks so much xx

Nikki Fahey
Christina 6 days ago
Prasanthi 7 days ago
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Jun 2024
Aroha to Lachie, family and friends.

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