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A stroke of bad luck

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26 yo builder with a baby due in weeks suffers catastrophic stroke, blindness, and requires cardiac surgery in the near future.

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I am creating this page on behalf of an amazing couple going through a difficult time. On 12 December 2019, 26 year old builder Matt suffered a catastrophic stroke and is now severely vision and memory impaired.

Charmaine and Matt celebrated their engagement earlier this year and are now weeks away from the birth of their baby.

Matt and Charmaine bought their perfect first home in a small town near Ashburton and now face an uncertain future with ongoing commitments including a mortgage, new baby and also face decisions including what to do about a reliable and safe vehicle for their baby , which they were set to purchase the weekend after Matt suffered his stroke and have sadly had to give up. Unfortunately, the memory loss means he is unaware of his surroundings in his own house and cannot remember what his home town of 26 years looks like.

Time in hospital has also revealed that Matt has a hole in his heart and he now faces cardiac surgery along-side the long recovery from the stroke.

Eighteen months ago Matt suffered a major back injury and this fit, healthy man has worked hard both physically, mentally and emotionally to bounce back from a very dark place. He was due to start back at work in February, and just when things were starting to look up and the darkness was lifting, he suffered this stroke and it was once again hard for him to stay positive.

Anyone that knows Matt, will know he has been down a hard road of injuries and is just waiting for his Stroke of good luck. They have already been incredibly frugal during this time and they have no reserves left, especially now that Charmaine has had to start her maternity leave early, to care for Matthew full time.

To add to the stress, A distressed Gus, (Charmaine and Matts dog) broke through the window while Matt was in hospital and they are wanting to pay for the repairs of the friends who were willing to look after him.

Matt, Charmaine, baby and Gus would like to thank everyone willing to donate and offer their support. Funds will be used to cover food, transport, mortgage, preparing for baby’s arrival, and house hold bills.

Jessie Lightfoot's involvement (page creator)

The Invers family <3

Use of funds

Funds will be used to cover food, transport, mortgage, preparing for baby’s arrival, and house hold bills. Donations in excess of what is needed will be given to Blind and Low Vision NZ Foundation and the Stroke Foundation.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Jul 2020
I hope things are improving for you. In our thoughts and prayers
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Feb 2020
Paul b
Paul b on 20 Jan 2020
You hang in there Matt ok!!
Dudley, Guthrie & Rolleston Families
Dudley, Guthrie & Rolleston Families on 20 Jan 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 20 Jan 2020
So sorry to hear about your stroke Matt. I always think that 'Music soothes the soul' and I hear that people who have suffered strokes can really benefit from listening to music. Wishing you all the best for your recovery an fatherhood!

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