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Adem and Bec - expectant parents lose everything in house fire.

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This page is set up to help Adem and Bec get back on feet after losing everything in a house fire.

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Adem and Bec recently lost everything in a house fire. Including their beloved dog Chucky and their cat Jemima.

Adem and Bec are expecting their first baby in January and now have to find and set up a new home with absolutely nothing. As we know this is expensive and stressful.

As well as the fire and losing their pets and belongings, Adem has a foot injury and is awaiting specialist appointments to have it looked at, leaving him unable to provide as he usually would.

Unfortunately Adem and Bec hadn’t yet sorted insurance.

I hope we can raise some money to make this process easier for them.

Thanks for your time!

Maddie McKay's involvement (page creator)

Adem and I have been friends for a while, he helped me through some tough times so I am hoping to help give back.

Use of funds

The use of funds will go towards helping Adem and Bec have the best chance at preparing and setting up for the arrival of their baby.

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Words from Adem’s recount of events  19 December 2019

Posted by: Maddie McKay

Those whom me closely ultimately know how hard it would be for me to write a post such as this.

With what should be the happiest time for both Bec and I, unfortunately we were faced with tragedy on a scale not yet encountered and horror on one Wednesday morning. Less than a month ago.

Getting ready to see someone for a meeting, I heard fire alarms going off whilst in the shower.

I went to check as quickly as I could. I couldn’t see anything in our home. But once I got to the front door I could see black smoke outside of the home level with the gutters. I went in our room to check and lifted a curtain inside of our lean to, and flames up high in the ceiling appeared to lunge at me.

I quickly turned and my first thought was to saving the pets and or what to do.

Quickly black smoke filled our bedroom and the front of the house as I walked our beloved Dog and cat to the back of the house. I turned and they were no longer beside me. I frantically went and searched for them.. everytime I went back in from the back of the house it filled with more and more black smoke. Each time going to the back of the house to get more air, I then searched for my phone to call Bec, and frantically let her know what was happening.

Somehow, the house vacuumed when getting air on the back doorstep. About to turn back in and search for our dog chucky and cat Jemima again, the door swung and slammed locked shut. I couldn’t get inside. I stood there naked trying to get back inside.

The fire department came and pulled the door off the hinges. And got our dog and cat out. Chucky and Jemima were in there 30-60 seconds longer than me... But they didn’t make it... I am

Incredibly lucky to be here. The firies fast and amazing. But the hard truth is we lost everything that day. 😭😭😭 obviously grateful to be alive.

I was hospitalised from trying. Everyday we both ultimately wish it was a bad dream.

We do not expect everyone to donate. But if you can share to someone who can help It would be exponentially appreciated.

So far we really have to thank those that have gone over and above to help us ;

Maddie McKay

Ben Jonutz & Miki Wilson

Adam Sheehan

Melissa Baer

Paul Hogan

Mid Canterbury Eagles FC

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  • Rhiannon

    Rhiannon on 05 Feb 2020



  • Samantha

    Samantha on 20 Dec 2019


    We are so sorry for your loss, but so glad you have each other during this time X


  • Canterbury AFL

    Canterbury AFL on 05 Dec 2019



  • Steve

    Steve on 04 Dec 2019


    Sorry for your loss - I know you'll bounce back.


  • Louise

    Louise on 03 Dec 2019


    I hope this small bit helps.


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$1,415 donated

Given by 26 generous donors in around 3 months

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