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Agricultural Action Group (non-profit, volunteer, apolitical)

  • Agricultural Action Group dissolving

      16 September 2021

    AAG – Agricultural Action Group, dissolving:

    After 11 months and more than 90 public meetings around New Zealand, we the co-founders of AAG – Fred Roberts, Robert Wilson and Heather Meri Pennycook, have made the difficult decision to dissolve the group, as all 3 of us have begun to focus on different areas of interest, consequently causing our paths to diverge.

    We are immensely thankful to the many people who have volunteered, baked, organized, set up and packed down venues, distributed pamphlets, donated, guest spoken, contributed information, provided accommodation etc. We wish to make special mention of the incredible support team we have had behind us and their outstanding contributions in so many areas. Working along side you all has been an honor and privilege for which we will always be grateful. Thankyou to everyone for your support and encouragement. Together we have achieved much, with many people now aware of the big picture issues facing us all, and now actively researching and taking positive action that empowers themselves and their communities the length and breadth of this land.

    Many have started to re-awaken to our God given right to say “No, I do not consent” to things that are harmful to us, we are beginning the process of taking back our personal power, self responsibility and freedom.

    Upon ending this chapter of our journey we would encourage you all to continue to question and hold to account all those in authoritarian positions, ask for proof for all that they claim and let us never forget that when we stand together in unity against tyranny, we can and will triumph.

    With our sincerest thanks and regards,

    Fred, Rob & Heather Meri

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  • Canterbury Meetings

      26 March 2021
    Main image

    A great turn out at Ashburton last night. Final Cant. talk at Lincoln Events Centre 7pm tonight

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