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Alice needs your help!!! Help Alice get her life back by raising funds for a lifesaving surgery in Germany

  • Surgery Dates!!

      18 January 2024

    We have had confirmation of surgery dates!! The scans with Prof Scholbach will be on the 6th of March and then I’ll be admitted on the 11th for surgery on the 12th which I’m feeling both nervous and excited for. It’s been a tough few weeks with pain and other symptoms but getting surgery dates is a big motivator to keep fighting. This wouldn’t be possible without all the donations and support we’ve had and we are so grateful to everyone so thank you!

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    • 23/01/2024 by Olga

      Great news. I would like to wish you perseverance, patience, strength, which you will definitely need, and of course, good luck. May everything turn out well. I hope that the scan will provide an answer and allow you to choose the most optimal treatment that will help you. I pray for you and wish you recovery with all my heart.

  • 2024 update

      1 January 2024

    Happy New year!!

    It’s been nice taking a break and spending Christmas with family even if it looked a little different this year. So ready to bring on 2024 and everything it has in store. We are looking at the finer details like flights, accommodation and surgery dates which is making it all very real and scary but also a big motivation to keep fighting. Unfortunately we found out that vascular compressions won’t be eligible for HCTP funding which makes the journey a little tougher as it was something we were hopeful for to help cover the costs. Now it means it’s down to fundraising which has been going amazing so far and we are all so grateful for everyone who’s donated. We aren’t there yet but are getting so close. Unfortunately my symptoms are getting worse, so please if you haven’t already share my story around as every little bit counts.

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  • Thank You!!

      23 November 2023
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    Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your kind donations! The response has been incredible and we are so so grateful. We're not there yet but it's a massive step in the right direction. This wouldn't be possible without all the support. Thanks again from Alice, Leanne & Jason :)

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