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Amiracle for Amirah. 2 year old paralysed in car crash.

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Let’s help Amirah and her family. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Every $10 helps. No donation too small.

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On 13 June 2019, a young family were driving home from a family holiday. 2 year old Amirah and her 4 year old sister Zahara were safely buckled up in the backseats as mum and dad drove them home towards Wellington from their family holiday in Auckland.

Just south of Waiouru, as they rounded a blind bend they collided head on with an oncoming car that was overtaking a truck.

In that moment, as a result of the impatience and bad decision of the other driver, Amirahs life, and her family’s lives were changed forever. Instantly paralysed from the chest down - the hopes and dreams of a young family shattered. Their baby girl unable to walk again.

I arrived on the scene of the crash shortly after. With 20 years service in the police, I’ve attended many serious crashes. But this one rattled me. How suddenly our lives can change. At any moment the decisions and actions or inattention of another person can change the course of your life.

That could have been me and my family. It could have been yours.

2 year old Amirah and her family spent over 6 months at starship hospital. Shortly before Christmas they finally returned home. They are currently trying to re establish themselves into a life with daily challenges they never chose.

Amirah’s mum is now her full time Carer. And dad - who suffered serious injuries himself, looks forward to returning to work soon.

Amirahs parents desperately want to give Amirah the best quality of life that is available whilst navigating the obstacles that they now face daily.

On 22 Feb I (Lane)will begin a cycling journey along The Tour Aotearoa. My mate Stephen Petty and I will be riding various back country roads, trails and tracks from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

This journey will be an exciting adventure and a personal challenge. But as well as achieving my own goals - I want to help out 3 year old Amirah Najim-Phillips

Please donate and share. Every $10 helps

Lane Demchy's involvement (page creator)

I was one of the police officers who responded to the horrific crash in which Amirah was injured.

Use of funds

Amirahs parents know what’s best for her and will use the funds for Amirah and improving her quality of life.

Latest update

Catch up with Amirah and her parents - Wellington   15 March 2020

Posted by: Lane Demchy

Here’s a short vid of the brief catch up Steve and I had with Amirah and her parents at the Ferry Terminal during our Tour Aotearoa.

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  • peter

    peter on 27 Mar 2020



  • Jon & Jenny

    Jon & Jenny on 18 Mar 2020


    Super proud of you Lane :)


    • Lane Demchy

      Ohhh! Thanks guys. Too kind! Catch up sometime soon aye. GB.

  • Steve

    Steve on 17 Mar 2020



    • Lane Demchy

      Hey Steve. Thank you for your generosity. Amirahs family (and I) have been blown away by the support. Thanks.

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 16 Mar 2020



    • Lane Demchy

      Thank you for giving. Awesome support.

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 16 Mar 2020



    • Lane Demchy

      Hey. Thank you. Catch up sometime soon. 👍👍

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$7,390 donated

Given by 115 generous donors in 12 weeks

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