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Amor Brasil - Datamars team comes together to support our colleagues

  • Feijoada from Ireland!

      8 July 2024
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    It was great 'craic' in Ireland last week as our amazing team came together to show their support to our Brazilian colleagues. They sampled home made feijoada, enjoyed a Brazilian quiz, and helped raise funds.

    A huge thank you to the whole team. Your generosity and support has not gone unnoticed. 💚

    Try the quiz yourself at:

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  • Oberdan was stranded on his roof with his pets for days

      5 July 2024
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    Datamars production supervisor, Oberdan da Silvera, spent two days on the roof of his home before finally being rescued. He is one of the people who will benefit from the funds raised in this campaign. Here's his story.

    “I was at home with my family following the news. The flooding had at first not yet hit our neighborhood. Around 9pm, a sound truck from the Canoas city hall passed by, informing people to evacuate their homes.”

    His wife and son left immediately and Oberdan quickly moved some belongings to the upper part of his home but the water rose rapidly, reaching 2.6 meters. It took two days until he and his neighbors were rescued by boat from their roofs.

    “At that moment, they were only rescuing people. Two days later, I convinced the firefighters to help me rescue my two dogs by boat. I had left food and drinking water for them.”

    It was three weeks before Oberdan was able to return to his house. “The scene was desolate. Unfortunately, we lost most of our belongings. We are constantly afraid it will happen again. Any rain leaves us shaken and apprehensive.”

    Oberdan says Datamars’ support over this challenging time has made an incredible difference.

    “After being rescued, I had access to my phone where I found more than 300 messages from colleagues worried about the situation. There were also 18 offers of shelter for me and my family from colleagues.”

    "We are very grateful for this initiative and on behalf of my family we thank you all so much."

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  • From Samba to BBQ...our sites are getting fiesta ready!

      26 June 2024

    Wow! We've almost hit $10,000, which will double to $20,000 with Datamars' dollar for dollar matching of employee donations.

    We're also starting to see some great site event planning happening around the Datamars globe with everything from samba dancing to Brazilian themed BBQ's underway!

    On behalf of our impacted employees in Brazil we send a heartfelt thanks for the amazing support and camaraderie you've shown so far.

    Let's crack the $10,000 mark and keep the fundraising going!

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