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Help get an important documentary about state housing seen in your community and raise awareness on the right to secure housing for all.


A Place To Call Home is a feature length documentary film about the changing landscape of state housing in New Zealand. For more than three generations low-income families in Glen Innes have been renting state homes. Now the government is selling off a third of its housing stock. But when a Maori trust purchases the houses with a dream to help poor families into home-ownership, and the land is sold to a lucrative property development, a community is irrevocably altered and the vulnerable have the hardest fight.

Ever since the film’s premiere at the Documentary Edge festival earlier this year, we’ve been receiving positive feedback about its ability to both educate and inspire audiences. Each public screening has sparked impassioned discussion around issues related to housing in New Zealand. Is homelessness on the rise? How can we ensure housing accessibility for all? Is social housing a good option?

That’s why we’re planning on screening the film this summer in as many wide ranging and diverse neighbourhoods across the country. We hope to have community screenings inside churches, school halls, libraries, and public spaces, and to talk to audiences about what having “a place to call home” really means for them personally.

In order for the screenings to have the most impact we will need some effective screening materials. This will include a website where audiences can interact and share their thoughts on what housing issues are impacting their neighbourhoods, and a screening tool kit that has useful information and resources. And as a result of the screenings and community engagement we hope that conversations around the right to secure housing become stronger and more present throughout New Zealand.

Any donations to this cause will help pay for the time and resources needed to set up the screening tour. But for a short breakdown here is how we plan to spend the money:

$2,000 - will help pay a designer to create publicity materials

$2,000 - will help cover the costs of a website build

$5,000 - will pay for an engagement strategists who will help to promote and book screenings

$2,000 - will contribute to tour travel expenses

Any additional funds will help to cover the costs of each screening event, so that where ever possible the film is screened for free.

Briar March's involvement (page creator)

Briar March is the director of A Place To Call Home. She will travel with the film and talk to audiences about her experiences making it. Also on the team will include an experienced engagement strategist who will work with her to connect with communities and book screening events, and a graphic artist who will be responsible for the website and poster design. We also plan to partner with NGOS who focus on housing accessibility and income inequality, finding ways that they can use the film for their own means, and provide advice on how best to engage audiences with the issues it explores.

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