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Arapohue Retreat: A place for rest and recovery in a country setting

on 24 Aug 2019

Kent asks

I live just down the road how will you ensure that no one runs away and ends up at my property I have a young family and I am concerned about there safety and also thief's and graffiti vandalism and violent offenders coming down off drugs how will you ensure my family feels safe ?

Wild Side Charitable Trust

Hi Kent. The main criteria for acceptance into the Arapohue Healing & Recovery Centre programme will be that they are 100% serious about changing their lives for the better and receiving the healing they need. We won't be accepting anyone who doesn't want to be there and do what it takes to see their lives changed. This will not be a corrections facility and will mainly be taking self-referrals (people who come of their own volition). If they don't want to be there, we will help them get to where they want to be - because if they no longer want to be there, we can't help them anyway. They won't need to run away and be a nuisance to our neighbours.

We will not be offering detox services. Residents will already have come down off drugs and we will help them with their 'life' recovery and inner healing to deal with the reasons that made them need to medicate in their first place.

There are many healing and recovery or rehab centres all over NZ and the problem you are suggesting has never been an issue anywhere. In Whangarei alone there are several in the middle of the city itself and there have been no reported problems from immediate neighbours. Eg. Victory House, Odyssey House, Salvation Army Bridge Programme. The folk that will be coming to Arapohue will be very diverse, from those suffering from an addiction which they want to be healed from, to others from broken homes who need love and care. One of the main features of Arapohue will be work training where for young people to encourage them back into the work place. We envisage volunteers being available to offer help to the community to help tidy properties, mend fences etc. We will be working closely with local Maori, the DHB and other support agencies to ensure a well-run and safe establishment.

I can understand your concerns and thank you for voicing them. I am all too aware that whether we like it or not, we have addicted and dangerous individuals amongst us at any given time in our community. Providing the help they need when they need it is going to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We look forward to helping these people restore their lives so they, to become valued and contributing members of society once again.

If you want to discuss this question further please call me Janet Curle 027 318 6093

Wild Side Charitable Trust

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