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Basin Appeal

  • Day 1 at the flyover hearing

      21 July 2015
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    A v. brief update on Day 1 at the High Court

    Matthew Casey, who is the lawyer leading the NZTA case, began his opening submissions today. He largely spent the day introducing the judge to the project, and to what the NZTA see as the relevant chronology of the case and related documents. In the afternoon he began his legal submissions which related to the Board of Inquiry's use of the Regional Policy Statement and the District Plan in relation to transportation, heritage and amenity (e.g. open space), and how the Board applied parts of the RMA (esp s171(1) which states the criteria on which the Board made its decision). NZTA will continue presenting their case tomorrow, and if they finish, the WCC will begin to present their submissions.

    Thanks to you all for your donations to - they are hughly appreciated


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