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Grieving Invercargill Mum continues to fight cancer after the tragic loss of her 11 Yr old daughter.

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    Shelley asks

    Hi there I just donated. I'm sorry I read it wrong and thought the mother had passed. Please except my condolences and hopefully my comment can be changed

    on 30 Jun 2020

    • Kelly Butson


      Thanks shelley, it was Katherine who passed and Frances, mum who is fighting on. We appreciate your support greatly.

  • Carterton

    Chris asks

    Hi Kelly.

    My name is Chris Dugdale and my husband and I run the Dugdale Charitable Trust. I saw your fundraising page and thought I would write and ask if you would like the people who donate to be able to receive a donation receipt that they could claim 33 % of their donation back for IRD as a tax credit?

    We have helped a number of people fundraising through Givealittle in this way.

    We also offer to make up the Givealittle 5% administration cost so the family will receive 100% of everything that is donated

    If you are interested then please call me on 04 9761914 or 027 240 2237 any time day or evening.

    on 23 Jun 2020

    • Kelly Butson


      Thank you Chris.

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