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Bay Girls go Bush for Sierra Leone

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We are taking a walk on the wild side, in the hope of raising funds for Wharf Kids supporting them on their endeavours to full Education

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We are two 22 year old born and breed Hawke's Bay Girls, taking on 1000km in Western Australia's outback. Tmhis is in the hope of raising funds for a small volunteer based Charity Called ‘Magazine Wharf Kids’ . Beginning in Perth and finishing in Albany, it is known as the Bibbulmun track. Hannah and I will have to take tents and carry all our belongings on our backs, staying in some open huts and camping along the way, only reaching 9 towns throughout the whole 45 days, this is how long we intend to walk for until we complete it. We will have water from rain tanks and carry dehydrated food in our packs. Amounting to about 23kg each. We hope to find freedom and realize once again that the small things in life are what truly matters, that less is more. We want to inspire others to not only live within there means but emphasis that as fortunate people it is our duty to help those who can't help themselves and that can be in a way personal to you. For us that mean’s taking a walk on the wild side for a cause we really care about. We are not seasoned hikers we just believe if we put our minds to it through faith we will overcome any obstacles in front of us just as these children in Sierra Leone have done everyday of there lives. We are thankful for your donations and support!

Use of Funds:

Focusing on Ebola survivors and Ebola orphans. From small beginnings, The funds raised will go to the education of 29 children and young people, and provide financial assistance to seven of their adult carers that continue to grow. The money raised will support a child or young person to help them gain an education and to be able to enjoy a productive and fulfilling life. putting a child through to their college days. This helps put them and the country back on a path towards a bright future.

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Ash Richardson

Hawke's Bay

For a long time I buried my head in the sand, being privileged and young can make you believe that if it doesn’t affect you personally, it isn’t your problem. I was a testament to that. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had a heart for others, credit to my mother and father for there kind souls but I also didn’t go out of my way to physically help. I was mad at the world for allowing such horrible things to happen so I used that as an excuse to ignore it. Now I see bad things happen because if the world was perfect how would we develop compassion or empathy for people other then ourselves. Personally I think a world without those qualities is worse then a world without poverty.

I understood that for the first time last year traveling and working at Hazlegrove Prep School where I met the amazing British Commander Charlie Herbert whose daughter attended the school. He really opened my eyes to how the other side lived and I couldn’t believe he dedicated his life to such a genuine and selfless cause and for no gain. I instantly was inspired to follow in his footsteps but I had to do it in a way I've always been a bit of a free spirit, the unknown excited me and I knew I loved culture and people, I studied Anthropology at university so that’s where I turned something I loved into something that could inspire and help others. I did my first big walk in Spain last year. Called the Camino De Santiago and I can honestly say it was the highlight of my life to date. I met people who are probably people we all pass everyday at the supermarket but were the most remarkable people of this world., not because they got a metal or had a PhD but because they were good genuine people with stories of real heartache and complete joy. I walked 1000km over the Pyrenees beginning in France, into Spain then down to Portugal and in those 6 weeks I have never been so content in my life. I had 10kg on my back and lived off 30 euro a day. I literally had nothing but I felt like I had it all. When people told me that the real journey starts when you finish it, I now believe them because ever since that walk, I know what my strength is and that when I use it to allow others to met there potential I feel like I’m reaching my own. I think I'll always hold this charity close to my heart as it inspired me beyond measure, watching it grow has been an honour.

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Bay girls go bush for Sierra Leone

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Ash Richardson on behalf of Bay girls go bush for Sierra Leone.

  • $325.00 donated
  • 7 generous donors

$325 donated



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