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Ben Overton Family need our help!

Cause page created in the Health category by Janine Tansley for Ben Overton

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Given by 86 generous donors in around 3 months

Raise funds for Ben's rehabilitation and family costs while he is unable to work.

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On the 27 December the Overton/Wilton family were enjoying Xmas fun during the Winnipeg winter with an afternoon tobogganing in a public Winnipeg Park.

As many of you will know this fun turned into a horrific tobogganing accident for Ben and his friend Andrew. At full speed they hit a hidden concrete slab, both suffering serious injuries: Ben broke his back in two places and Andrew shattered his jaw, lost teeth and broke 8 ribs.

Both men were hospitalized and underwent major surgeries. The good news for Ben is that there was no permanent spinal damage and he will walk again, but his recovery time will be long. It is currently unknown, but estimated that it could take 6 months until he is somewhat mobile again.

As family of Ben and Megan, we need your help! They are a long way from us here in New Zealand. While Canada does have a social benefit system they can access, the benefits they can access during this time will not cover the family’s outgoings and the cost of Ben’s rehabilitation (it is not as generous as the ACC system in NZ). It would be great if we could help them financially to get through this time until Ben is able to work again as Megan is also off work at this time.

It is a very difficult time for this young family, with heavy Covid19 restrictions in place in Manitoba, making the current family situation even more challenging. This is incredibly stressful for all families involved, especially our Ben and Megan, who are trying to ensure they can provide for their girls and get through Ben’s recovery.

They are a great young family who need us, their family and friends, to help them at this time. If you are able to contribute in any way, big or small, your help is very much appreciated.

People outside of NZ can donate using a Mastercard or Visa (will be applied as NZD).

Janine Tansley's involvement (page creator)

Ben is a member of my extended family and I am setting up this account on his behalf as currently Ben and his young family are living in Winnipeg, Canada.

Use of funds

To ensure Ben and Megan can provide for their family and get through Ben's recovery, until he can resume work again.

Latest donations

Diane on 02 Mar 2021
Sorry it not much. None of us no when we mght be in the same place love to all. From Diane and Fred Grimwood.
Janine Tansley

Thank you Diane and Fred Ben, Megan and the girls appreciate your support.

Janine Tansley
Shayne on 28 Feb 2021
Hope your recovery going well mate take it easy
Janine Tansley

Thank you Shayne Ben, Megan and the girls appreciate your support.

Janine Tansley
Kelvin on 28 Feb 2021
All the best for your recovery Ben
Janine Tansley

Thank you Kelvin Ben, Megan and the girls appreciate your support.

Janine Tansley
Sam on 28 Feb 2021
Janine Tansley

Thank you Ben, Megan and the girls appreciate your support.

Janine Tansley
Corey on 28 Feb 2021
Get well quick Ben.💪🏻👊🏻
Janine Tansley

Thank you Corey Ben, Megan and the girls appreciate your support.

Janine Tansley

Who's involved?

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Created by Janine Tansley
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Paying to a verified bank account of Ben Overton

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