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Bev Macks Family

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Bev's brave fight came to an end on Monday 11th of May 2015, but her Husband Darryl and there two sons Codey and Bailey is just begining.

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Family Support Cancer

This battle is now one where no one knows exactly how long Bev has left, the fact is her condition is terminal and she is now having to face not being there for her two boys as they grow up or live a long life with her husband Darryl.

First diagnosed with stage3 breast cancer in April 2009 when her youngest was 14 months old, Bev endured 20 weeks of intensive chemotherapy which left her violently ill each time and then 6 and a half weeks away from her family having radiation therapy. It was hoped that this along with 5 years of hormone treatment would keep the cancer from coming back, but in April 2013 after months of back pain an x ray revealed metastatic breast cancer in her spine, pelvis, hips, rib area and more recently her right tibia. This metastatic cancer is being treated with palliative chemotherapy, but so far 2rounds have not been successful at bringing the cancer back to stable and she is at present trying a third combination. There is no cure for Bev’s cancer, no chance of remission.

At Christmas 2014 Bev had an ache in her leg which was made worse when she slipped in some mud. When she went to the ED on the 3rd of January it was discovered a tumour in her tibia had caused a fracture which required a rod and pins to be inserted in her tibia to help it heal and to stop it from breaking completely, this has meant the school holidays have been hard for Bev and her boys as they have had to rely on friends and family to take the boys out on day trips as Darryl has had to continue working.

Bev and Darryl know their time together is not going to be a long time so they are making memories for their two children who are now aged 10 and 6. Fortnightly blood transfusions help Bev with the anaemia she also now suffers, this vital blood gives her the energy to look after her boys and try and run their house hold. They know the time will come when Darryl will have to stop working and they know they will need assistance.

Even though they have fantastic support from family and friends, we know life is going to get tough for Bev, Darryl and the children. We are asking for support on their behalf to those that would like to assist in helping the Macks family.

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Simon Mulligan


I have been Friends with Bev and her family for over 20 years. It has been joyful seeing her grow into a great young women, wife and mother who always puts her family, friends and community before herself.

All funds raised benefit:

The Bev Macks Family

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Bev Macks on behalf of The Bev Macks Family.
“Tupperware fundraiser. March 2015.”
“More sponsors from marathon. Ann. $10, Alan $15, Susan $42”
“Sending you love from Australia.”
“You have been a huge influence in our community, and it shows in the love and support that you are receiving in return. We really do appreciate everything you have done and hopefully we can return the favour in some way”
“This family deserve all the support they can get.”
“Just a little to help you. Wish it was more. Think of you everyday.”
“Sponsoring Jaala Goodwin i her half marathon run”
“All the very best to you and your lovely boys.”
“Wishing you all the best bev and family xx”
“Thinking of you Bev and family, From the Parents, Children, Staff and Committee.”
  • $24,074.00 donated
  • 197 generous donors

$24,074 donated


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