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Educational and medical aid, borehole repairs and food help to needy plus tree planting greening in Nigeria.

  • June 2022 update

      2 July 2022
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    We are immensely grateful to everyone who has continued to contribute to this cause over the last two years. May your be rewards be multiplied.

    JUNE 2022


    ingredients for 4000 meals

    30 sets of new clothes


    49 bores repaired


    48 grants for tiny micro businesses

    2 loans


    A smashed knee - complicated orthopedic surgery, hospital care & dressings

    A bladder complication in an infant - surgery and care

    Physiotherapy to correct a limp

    Malaria medications


    227 trees

    4. nurseries


    100 new books

    professional development for

    10 teachers

    4 salary top-ups for teachers

    Alhudahuda Library & Literacy Centre


    13 rams have been purchased ahead of the local festival of Eid where meat is distributed to the poor. Each animal is being cared for within the community where it was raised and where the neighbouring households will have a share.

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  • Lovatt Foundation extends its charity work in Jigawa State

      26 June 2022
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    Alhumdulillah the tireless effort of Sr Fiona continues in Nigeria and so does your generosity to aid her. This has been the success stories of MAY 2022.

    MAY 2022

    * 82 boreholes repaired: donated time, labours & project management, and money for parts all combined!

    * ongoing distributions of fruits and dates as they provide seeds for more nurseries. The watermelon idea snowballed there for a while. Now it's mango season.

    *trustee meeting

    *some assistance for Nigerian tertiary students in UK - may they be a blessing to the nation as they seek their qualifications.

    *16 teachers mentored in our accelerated literacy acquisition programme and all their students as beneficiaries. Ten of the teachers have their salaries topped up by general donations.

    * books and educational resources

    * 401 large trees and many smaller ones that Rahma Monguno and the Clean Green Team put in for free

    * 46 scalps treated for skin conditions

    *monthly provisions for orphans and vulnerable children, four scholarships continuing

    * care packs and a workshop for students who are helping us work out an action plan to combat period poverty, thanks to the great help from The Centre and Donna and the Aunties

    *various poverty alleviation packages

    * 1 literacy centre fully operational, serving around 120 regular users on a weekly basis

    *100 stationery kits issued to A grade students in government schools

    * engagement with peace talks, farm-forestry, and conservation projects

    Salute to the helpers who lend us their time or share other forms of wealth to keep doing this stuff. Thank you all. One by one and all together.

    P.S. With our partner, Hikima Information System in Kano, 47 students were trained on JAMB CBT & COMPUTER PRACTICAL TRAINING and we are preparing to train another 30 youth on 'DIGITAL SKILLS, FREELANCING (to ultimately work online from home) AND HAUSA TRANSCRIPTION'.

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  • Your contribution continues to bring joy and ease to many

      20 December 2021
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    Jazak Allah khairan for all your support in the past. We continue our assistance to displaced people through food help, repairing boreholes, providing educational resources through your donations. To see regular updates visit:

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  • Touching message from Sr Fiona

      22 November 2021
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    It has been many weeks since I last sent an update. Despite this your un-ending contributions have not stopped. I want to thank you all fromthe bottom of my heart ❤ and share the last message from Sr Fiona who has been out in the fields where the work is happening with tree planting and borehole repairs. Since September we have continued to collect funds amongst other things, to repair 56 boreholes in Jigawa state and 9 in Kano.

    Salaam alaykum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu sis,

    Today I visited some of the Jigawa boreholes that we have repaired. Subhana Allah sis it was touching.

    I was the first non-African they had seen. The live subsistence lives. Barely anything from outside the village was in the village. One boy about 12 years old screamed and ran away when someone suggested he shake hands with me.

    I love these kids taking a ride on the standard cart. Those rubber tyres are from outside the village

    They prayed so copiously and freely and one man came out and forced a measure of beans into our hands. Tafarki, the field worker, deserves them. I got a good idea of the work he does for the love of Allah and the people: he borrows a motorbike to go out into the hinterland, some places on tracks and trails where cars have never been.

    We came across an ancient tree where ancient men sat in the dark, cool shade. Such a tree could be a classroom or a masjid. The air was sweet beneath it. I believe is was something like a moreton bay fig with the aerial roots growing down.

    Without the boreholes there are only muddy ponds remaining after the short rainy season.

    The cattle are fat because they have been fed the lost foliage of the tall cereals that have died before they ripened. Around the boreholes there is life! Most villages have bananas now thriving in the spilled water.

    Sis, they even love our stickers so much that they have picked them off, leaving only the cleanish rectangle  where it was.

    Subhana Allah,

    These last two photos show a Borehole that Sr. xxx Ali has paid for.

    This one has not functioned for four years. The settlement of about 250 households (pop. c. 1500) has not had any visitors other than relatives in all that time. Their subsistence farming is exactly that.

    For all these years they have been sending donkeys with Jerry cans and clay pots across 10km of savannah to collect water which settles overnight so the sediment is removed.

    What relief has come to them today! And such prayers for the people who make loans to Allah SWT in this way.

    Their lives have changed. They won't be making this journey several times a day any more.

    They won't be hauling the water, hand over hand, out of the depths of the earth.

    For those of us who never had to put in this kind of effort for water, we don't understand what it means, to take the long walk of faith, obedience, worship, good deeds. We expect our religion to be as easy as turning on a tap.

    In the photos you see people of pure faith. Their prayers have been answered and their lives are changed.

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  • Your contribution brings joy and ease to many

      30 September 2021
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    Some weeks are like this, thanks to your generosity, the gifts of time added by our volunteers in the field, and the impulse to do good that we share as hands around the world :

    * 71 more trees planted, protected and loved with the Clean Green Team!

    * 6 Boreholes repaired

    * 98 cooked meals served with an orange

    And the usual literacy programmes ticking away at Alhudahuda Library and Literacy Centre and through our new programme: Top Up a Teacher so that a dedicated and competent teacher can receive a living wage for their services in education.

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  • First payments received and put to use

      29 August 2021
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    Thank you all for the recent contributions you have made to this page. Funds received have already been put to use towards what you have indicated.

    Please continue to share this page amongst your friends, family and network to help us make a difference.

    We look forward to your continued support over the coming year. Jazak Allah khairan.

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