Listen to your body when it tells you it's not well.

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Please use our tragedy as sound advice. Seek medical advice if your sick. Your body knows best so please please listen to it.

Gate Pa, Tauranga

On November 2nd 2023 a healthy eating, body mindful young soul tragically died after not listening to her body which alot of us do. My sister Makea was 23 and her life should of just started to begin. Leaving behind 2 young babies she died from what started off as the common flu. My sister was such a health fanatic. She exercised, ate so healthy, hardly drank alcohol however her body didn't care. She came down with flu like symptoms in October and while keeping hydrated and doing the usual things we do for flu like symptoms didn't recover. As time went on her symptoms suddenly got worse where she tragically lost her life to sepsis. My advice to everyone is look after yourselves. If your ill seek treatment. Listen to your body because it knows if it needs help. Unfortunately we're now having to relive her trauma over and over and as her oldest sister hurts very much seeing our Mum grieve in pain. One minute my sister was alive taking a sip of water and the next was gone. So please whanau take our tragedy as a lesson to all. Merry Christmas whanau and thankyou for reading our story.

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Makea was my baby sister and coming from a low income whanau this is the only way I can think of to help my mum come back to some kind of normality.

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To help pay off the last of her funeral costs so our whanau can sleep a tiny bit easier and to buy her children Christmas presents to make it a Christmas they will and can never forget.

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My sister has passed but we're excepting the new norm  27 December 2023

Thankyou so much for those that donated. Although we may not have seen my niece and nephew we're sure that had an OK Christmas without their beautiful mum. We may not have her in person but we will forever have the memories from the last 23yrs.

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Elaine on 29 Dec 2023
God bless you all❤️
Yolly on 29 Nov 2023
Thinking of the whole whanau… May Makea rest in peace🙏🌺🌷Teacher from Gate Pa School
Erica on 29 Nov 2023
So sorry to hear the sad news :-( You are in my thoughts and prayers. Teacher at Gate Pā School.
Lisa on 20 Nov 2023
Leon on 16 Nov 2023

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