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Bringing Yvonne home

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$25,675 of $30,000 goal

Given by 154 generous donors in 6 weeks


Bring Yvonne home from hospital in Australia to rehabilitate in New Zealand with family and friends

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Whilst on holiday in Melbourne over Christmas with her daughter Kath & family, Yvonne was struck down with Guillian Barre Syndrome. It happens when the immune system starts attacking the nervous system shutting down the body causing paralysis.

Yvonne has been in The Alfred Hospital ICU for 6 weeks so far. For the first week she was induced into a coma and intubated. Now she remains on a ventilator with a tracheotomy.

In the past couple of weeks she has been using a speaking valve for short periods as it tires her out which enables her to communicate with us alleviating some of her frustration. Yvonne has never been this quiet in her life.

She is slowly getting better but it is going to be a long hard road to recovery.

Unfortunately despite paying for her trip via her credit card Yvonne's type of credit card insurance does not cover this situation.

Yvonne is desperate to return to NZ and Christchurch Hospital ICU has accepted her but the cost of transporting her back will be between $20-$30,000. This will include the costs of Ambulance transfers, an ICU Doctor and nurse to travel with her plus the ventilator and equipment required.

Can you please help us repatriate Yvonne back to New Zealand so that she can be rehabilitated among family and friends.

Susan Beardsley's involvement (page creator)

Long time friend of Yvonne and family

Use of funds

Cost of Air travel, Ambulance transfers and ICU Doctor and Nurse to travel with her

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Yvonne is Home  30 March 2020

Posted by: Susan Beardsley

Yvonne was discharged from Burwood Hospital last Wednesday in time for lock down. She is at home with her son David and is doing really well. Aids have been installed in the home and she is visited daily by a nurse who showers her and then supervises the exercises. Yvonne is able to move freely around the home with the help of a walker and is back cooking and enjoying real food again. Once again she has amazed Doctors with her progress. We thank you so much for helping to get Yvonne home when we did. Imagine the problems we would have had now.

Thank you again you have all been amazing.

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  • Keith

    Keith on 15 Mar 2020


    Welcome home. Hope to see you soon


  • Andrew & Brooke

    Andrew & Brooke on 06 Mar 2020



  • Nancy

    Nancy on 03 Mar 2020



  • Farina

    Farina on 03 Mar 2020



  • Brookland's Volunteer Fire Brigade

    Brookland's Volunteer Fire Brigade on 29 Feb 2020


    Our love and thoughts are with you Yvonne, from the Brookland's Volunteer Fire Brigade and their famalies.


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$25,675 of $30,000 goal

Given by 154 generous donors in 6 weeks

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