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Britt's Terminal Bowel Cancer bucket list

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Britt has terminal Bowel Cancer. Please help her tick off some bucket list dreams with the 8 months she has left

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Britt is a beautiful sunny soul. Anyone who meets her cant help but find sunshine has entered their lives. She has always been an active positive person who was a successful professional cyclist, always on the go.

Sadly Britt was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer after emergency surgery in December 2017.

She has undergone so much treatment but unfortunately, due to early misdiagnosis, in 2018 she was diagnosed with secondary peritoneal disease (cancer), a terminal diagnosis with a prognosis of 4-24 months to live.

She has been a huge ambassador for Bowel Cancer New Zealand (BCNZ) since this time, doing all she can to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms, to encourage young people to get checked if they don't feel right and to push for better diagnosis. She even stayed active,taking part in many activities for BCNZ and really leading the way with their "Never too Young" campaign aimed at raising awareness for young people.

These days however her body is in a lot more pain and is much slower. she is more and more unable to do what she did before. Despite this, in late 2019 Britt achieved her biggest bucket list item... she got married to her sweetheart Cameron. Together they had hoped to enjoy a few more months of memories and tick off some of Britts Bucket list.

However, sadly, our system seems broken. Because she is now married Britt looses the "benefit" given to terminal patients as Cameron earns just above the threshold. As she says herself, she would much rather work than deal with cancer, but obviously she cant. Its been hard to accept and to rely on her husband for support. Its meant a big chunk of money has now gone and things she hoped to do shes now financially unable to.

The doctors have given Britt until November 2020 to live and there are still things she wants to see, experience and tick of that bucketlist. Shes still so young and there is so much left to experience.

I know many people faces hardship and obstacles in their lives- some as great as this, others not- this page isn't meant to place a value on Britts struggle, only to highlight what she means to us and to help those of us who know her, love her or have been touched by her efforts to save others experiencing what she is, Its a chance to see her wonderful smile for a few more months as she makes some dreams reality.

Some of Britts dreams include:

Treatments to make life more physically comfortable such as massage and Pilates.

Treats to make her feel special like hair and nails

She'd love to experience New York with Cameron

A trip to Auckland for the "Britt ride" a fund raiser for BCNZ created in her honor

A visit to her friend Hugh, he lives on a cool Auckland Island... that's gotta be seen right!

A trip to Melbourne, Queenstown and Rotorua, places shed love to see once more.

A service and some parts for her beloved bike

Brunch with her best friends from time to time

These things seem so humble to me, things so many of us experience and plan for in our lives, we'd just love to help her make them happen.

Please give what you can, but if you can't, know your love and support towards Britt and Cameron is received with equal gratitude.

Joanna Sharpe's involvement (page creator)

I am a friend of Britts, she has inspired me to cycle the length of NZ to raise funds for Bowel Cancer NZ but she also deserves to live out some dreams whilst she can. She has done so much for Bowel Cancer awareness, she deserves some memories as well.

Use of funds

Adventures to help pack a lifetime worth of activities and dreams into the next 8 months.

Any funds remaining will be donated to Bowel Cancer NZ.

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Back in the big house-  15 February 2020

Posted by: Britt Chambers

Firstly thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity. I am blown away and feel thank you isn’t enough, just know I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped and sent well wishes.

In other news I’ve been back in hospital since Tuesday. There has been a lot of things this may or may not have been. Lots of tests and scans later we are hopeful we’re getting on top of this current infection.

Unfortunately the scans have also showed wide spread of the disease since stopping chemo in May.

I will see the oncologist end of the month to discuss what could be done, it was suggested maybe an unfunded chemo drug which would really suck for us but we will cross that bridge if or when it happens.

Until then I’m focusing on staying positive, recovering, resting and praying I can get home soon!

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  • Warren

    Warren 6 hours ago


    why does one"s life have to be so short?My heart goes out to you and your wonderful,most supportive husband. I sincerely hope you get to see some of your dreams come true. True angels reign in heaven. Best wishes,Warren.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor 18 hours ago



  • Janet

    Janet 1 day ago


    All the best Britt. Hope you get to tick all the boxes on your list.


  • Sarah

    Sarah 1 day ago


    Hoping you are able to add lots of ticks to that amazing list - very sad that our system let you down.


  • Lauren

    Lauren 1 day ago


    It’s not much but I wish you all the best on your journey to fulfilling your bucket list. Much love xo


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$27,190 donated

Given by 416 generous donors in 21 days

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