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Can't ingest food: rare gut condition impacting ability to eat anything

on 6 Mar 2024

April asks

Hello Amira, does your brother know about Faecal Microbiota (poo) Transplants (FMT)? Where the gut microbiota is cleared out and new pure bacteria is implanted in the gut - starting from scratch with good bacteria. I'm not sure who does it in New Zealand but it's become quite common in Australia. I'll post a link to a new article, but if you Google "Faecal Microbiota Transplant Australia" you'll find links to various gastro specialists who perform this procedure. My daughter has major gut issues and I'm hoping that FMT will be a help to her when she's old enough to receive treatment. I wish your brother all the best but I feel his gut needs to be cleared out and repopulated with good stuff. He might also like to consult a holistic naturopath and/or homeopath.


Hi April,

First, this is not Amira but her brother. Amira can't answer this question, she doesn't know the details enough. Also, I am very very sorry for the delay I had a severe reaction to a meal a few weeks ago and its effects persist for ages as it causes bacteria numbers to grow.

I am aware of FMT. It would have helped early if it were available. Although only in the lower bowel (small intestine is the upper bowel I did have overgrowth also in the lower bowel).

Currently, this is sadly tricky because the bugs have mutated so much that they eat anything organic - including fecal matter. So no one is sure how it would react to FMT. My guess - and it is just a guess based on how it behaves when I eat and with the current situation - is that would help my lower bowel but not my upper bowel ONLY IF I also take the kefir.

You see, strangely, the kefir is of a specific type. The same strains and substrains that caused the problem in the first place. I tried so many kinds, but nothing worked, including traditional kefir grains of many types. The bacteria are only subdued by this one product. My guess and that of doctors is that it is because the bugs do not attack their kind but attack other bacteria. Or are subdued by their kind but not subdued by other bacteria.

As you can see it is a maddeningly complex matter and I find it agonizing. despite the delay, which I hope you forgive me for, I want to express my gratitude for your message and suggestion. I appreciate this kind of support very much especially when it comes from strangers.



Amira Abaza

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