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Bubble Trouble

Cause page created in the Kiwi Kids category by Rowena Baines for Liam and Julie Baines

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Newborn baby Arlo is about to lose his 26 year old mother Julie to terminal cancer in under two weeks. Help give him the best start to life.

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Not everyone has an easy bubble to live in during this pandemic.

Julie (26 years, two-times-cancer-surviver) miraculously fell pregnant naturally to her husband Liam (26 years, who lives with Lupus, an auto-immune disease) after both of them had undergone chemotherapy and Julie had had radiation, so this baby is a total miracle.

Tragically when Julie was three months pregnant she was re-diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma - an aggressive bone cancer. In mid September Julie was hospitalised and the neurosurgeon removed the majority of the tumour but had to leave some as it was tangled within the spinal cord which left her in a wheelchair.

The doctors delivered little baby Arlo very early at 27 weeks (weighing 2 pounds), so that Julie could start chemotherapy, which meant his first four months of life were spent in NICU.

He was born perfectly healthy and breathing on his own (what a fighter!) but needed a lot of support.

Sadly Julie's terminal cancer then spread to the brain and the tumours recently doubled in size, meaning that treatment stopped and Julie was transferred to palliative care near the end of level 4 lockdown.

Just last week the new family was reunited, as her husband Liam and son Arlo were not allowed into hospital to be with Julie due to the Covid 19 restrictions. They are currently all together in their bubble.

Despite the fact that baby Arlo's mamma has been given less than a fortnight to live, the little family plan to move into their new wheelchair accessible property together on 6th May that was bought in preparation for Arlo's release from hospital with the help of relatives.

This fund is to help give baby Arlo the best possible start in life and provide financial support for this amazing young family as they face the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

Let's give Julie some peace of mind that we have wrapped a cloak of financial support around little Arlo and his dad Liam, as he embarks on the journey of fatherhood being a stay-at-home dad.

Rowena Baines' involvement (page creator)

I am Liam's aunty and baby Arlo's great aunty (scary but true). Beautiful Julie is part of our family.

Use of funds

This fund is to help give baby Arlo the best possible start in life and provide financial support for this amazing young family as they face the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

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Arlo is raising everyone's spirits with his smile  23 May 2020

Posted by: Rowena Baines

Hello everyone. We are sending out so much gratitude for all the love, thoughts and donations sent to Liam, Julie and Arlo and some of your prayers were answered! Julie has got to spend more time with her wee family than she and the doctors had expected, which has been a blessing but she is now sleeping most of the time, which we expect means she doesn't have much time left at all. Arlo however has just started smiling all the time and cheering up everyone in the room, especially his daddy, so we thought of sharing his smile with you..... We have now miraculously reached $85,000 and have 8 days left to raise money for little Arlo's future, so please share the link far and wide. Thank you all so much x x x

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    All the best little Arlo.


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    Sending our love from The Macpherson Family


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$87,403 donated

Given by 1595 generous donors in 26 days

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