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Rasing funds for Jessica's funeral cost. Sadly she lost the fight with cancer.

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Jason with no parents to help and on a low income and sick wife he needs some help financially. Please Give a Little to Jess and Jason.

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SADLY JESS PASSED AWAY Wednesday 8th July. We are raising funds for the funeral costs. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

First of all thank you for taking the time in reading this. This was not easy for me to write. Full permission have been granted from Jess and Jason to share with you their story.

My name is Nicki. My sister in law Jess is very sick. Jason who is my twin brother is one of the good men in life who believes in his wedding vows wholeheartedly “through sickness and in health”. The most genuine caring husband that needs a break to care for his beautiful wife Jessica.

In 2006 Jess at age 22 and Jason at 25 meet both fell in love.

After a couple of blissful years they decided this was it they were going to get married.

So in 2008 they "tied the knot". Shared their love together in Taranaki’s iconic Pukekura Park.

After only two months into their marriage Jess found out she had Ovarian Cancer. Previously Jess had suffered with Crohn’s disease – however manageable.

The couple’s chance of having children and Jess living a healthy life seemed to be slim. Like many couples, they wanted to buy their own home, travel and have children. Didn’t plan out.

Soon after the diagnoses Jess had her Ovaries, 40cm of bowl as she had an infection as well + her appendix removed.

Jason spent his time caring for his wife and trying to hold down a job. Jess was bed ridden. All muscle lost in her legs she had to learn to walk again. With a few years of tough times Jess fighting mental health and trying to build herself up. She started studying administration. Jess really wanted to work and live a “normal” life. Sickness started again. Jess suffered a blood clot in her lungs that put her back.


2013 again the big “C” showed its ugly face again! Cancer is floating around and she is having chemotherapy.

2017 the “C” hit again this time Jason’s mother Sheryl. Cervical cancer.. 4 weeks after diagnosed we lost her. Needless to say this was a huge shock to our family.

2019, Oct Jess got cleared of cancer!! Yay! After all the hurdles Jess was seeing some light!

Dec, Jason took Jess to ED. They discovered she had a blockage in her bowel. Next morning urgent surgery to remove the tumour and another 40cms of bowel. Jess started to give up, her heart rate was up to 150s and was having seizures that was leaving her unconscious. Jason and mother in-law Leeanne by her side hopeless. Jess determined keeps fighting and says she won’t give up. A huge road ahead of her she is going to go through another lot of chemotherapy. While this happens Jason is the only Income earner in their home. Jason who works as an orderly helping others all day wonders why?. Why do good people get bad luck? He give’s 110% to his job every day.

Why can’t cancer just leave them all heck alone!!!

January 2020

Update June 2020

Cancer has now spread to Jess's stomach and has been given 6 months approximently to live. We are now trying to raise funds for Jess to swim with Dolphins ~ a dream she has had for life. Please help us give her this. Thank you for reading.

Nicki Bee's involvement (page creator)

Jessica is my sister-in-law who I love dearly.

Use of funds

Health items to support Jess in her recovery. Extra money for loss of income when he has no leave entitlement to care for Jess. The money will be used for the time my brother will require off work due to no annual leave available. Also gas to get to the hospital and any items his wife may require.

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Sadly Jess passed away Wednesday 8th July  13 July 2020

Posted by: Givealittle

On behalf of Nicki we regret to inform you Jess passed away Wednesday 8th July.

Funds are now being used for the funeral costs. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Kiri on 26 Jul 2020
Hope you're going ok jase & Jesse's loved ones.All so can say is that I'm so very sorry for your pain you must be feeling.I send Abundances of love & strength to you all.xxxxxx
Jane on 19 Jul 2020
From one low-grade ovarian cancer woman to another xx
Wayne on 15 Jul 2020
Thank you for sharing your Story, I hope life will get better you have been through way too much. keep your dreams alive.
Private Donor
Private Donor on 15 Jul 2020
Conin on 15 Jul 2020

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