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Carterton Swimming Club – Indoor Pool Project

  • Progress Update

      13 May 2024

    The Project Working Group have been busy in the background working on obtaining design plans and the best but affordable building structure including a must have HVAC system. Once design is signed of and completed we will begin the huge challenge of raising the $$ through Grants and Fundraising. We were overwhelmed with the success of The ITM Central Big Swim Fundraiser and how many people got behind and swam and donated. The planning is in place for more.

    We have also been busy submitting LTP requests to Carterton District Council for support.

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  • The Big Swim is half way through

      15 March 2024

    There is still time to enter or sponsor those who are still swimming for the month of March. We have had such an amazing response and thank you all so very much.

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  • The Central ITM Big Swim

      22 February 2024

    We have some amazing people in Carterton really getting behind The Big Swim being held from 7th-10th March. Swimmers are being sponsored to Swim as many meters in March or over the event weekend. Please check out the event page with all proceeds going to The Carterton Indoor Pool Building Project.

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  • Fundraising Update

      30 October 2023

    We are still busy in the background Fundraising and with what we have raised so far we are getting pre build pricing done along with Geotech Testing and concept drawings. This has all been achieved by all your generous donations. Thank you

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  • What's in store in 2023 for the Carterton Pool Upgrade Project

      2 March 2023

    We have a big year ahead applying to Funders to support our Project. For our applications to be considered we need to show Community Support as well as a large amount of $$ already raised. We very much appreciate every donors contribution, we still have a long way to go.

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  • Fundraising for 2022

      1 December 2022
    Main image

    We still have a long way to go but here are some photos of the Fundraising efforts that have occurred in 2022. We've managed to dunk 2 Carterton mayors and 1 Olympian.

    We will continue to need your support in 2023 in order to reach the goal of a new building for the Carterton Indoor Pool.

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