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Celia Lashlie Documentary Film: Research and pre-production

  • The doco is with the NZIFF for consideration!

      19 May 2018
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    Yesterday (Friday 18th) was a milestone for our film, “Celia”. The documentary was finally handed over to the director of the NZ International Film Festival for consideration. It’s been nearly three and half years since Amanda started making the doco that Celia requested she produce on her work and life. We now wait for the answer… fingers crossed it’s a yes for Ces!

    Thank you so much for the support you provided to get this project going - we could not have done it without you.

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  • Celia Lashlie Documentary in the final stages of editing

      21 April 2018

    As an update to all our very generous Givealittle donors, one of you went over and above in terms of your support.

    Garry Robertson heard our plea for funds, donated a considerable sum and then followed that up by saying he would pay for all of remaining costs of producing the documentary. We have since been able to finish shooting and are now in the final stages of editing. We hope to have some news in relation to where and when the documentary will screen by July 2018.

    We plan on contacting all the donors once we know these details. Once again, thank you to Garry and to all those who have helped us get this far.

    Amanda Millar (producer/director “Celia”).

    Any queries, please email us or message us via our Facebook page (

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  • We have started! THANK YOU

      16 February 2017
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    Hello to all of you wonderful people that have donated money to this cause. I am so humbled by your generosity and so excited to send you this update.

    On this day 2 years ago, we lost a Mum, a Nana, a friend, a mentor, an inspiration..... It doesn't seem to get easier but what has made this day bearable (apart from good friends, food and wine!) is that we have officially begun work on the #celialashliefilm.

    And it is thanks to all of you!

    We have experienced director, producer and editor Lala Rolls on board which is so exciting! (see The timing has been perfect (spooky even!) and Amanda (Millar) and I are wondering if Mum is pulling the strings somewhere.....

    Lala has today started going through hours of footage from all the different sources Amanda has collated and she will begin to map out the ‘vision’ that Amanda has for the film. That will take 3-4 weeks. At the end of that, the assembly will reveal what works and what doesn’t. And it will identify what other aspects need to be shot or recorded.

    From this we will get a plan and a budget that will enable us to make the #celialashliefilm. We are making one of Mum's last wishes come true and that feels wonderful. Thank you!

    Please get in touch if you have any questions

    Beks x

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