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Celia Lashlie Projects

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This is a special page set up to honour and support the work of Celia Lashlie

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This is a special page set up to honour the work of Celia Lashlie and to give people the opportunity to support the projects close to Celia's heart. A special group of Celia's family and friends will use the funds to continue Celia's work, in accordance with her wishes. The idea is that we can progress some of the work Celia intended to do, before she was diagnosed with the horrible disease that is pancreatic cancer. A group of people from Celia’s “army” had met in December 2014 to talk strategy and next steps. It is absolutely heartbreaking that Celia will not see that work come to fruition.

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Rebekah Henderson


I am Celia's daughter, Beks, and I am part of the team that works for Celia. "Celia's Projects" is the Give a Little title that we have given the core group of people that are helping facilitate the next phase of work that Mum wanted to do.

We will soon put a page on Celia's website to provide information on the funds received and what they are/have been used for.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Rebekah Henderson.
“What a dame! Celia boldly but compassionately cut through the crap with laser precision. Not only did she she inspire and enable me to be more effective with my engagement with Lou's Place but to also be a better a mother. Having read her book I instantly relaxed and let the men in the house, both father and sons get on with the business of being gorgeous. I shall always be grateful.”
“Celia was an amazing woman. Long live her ideas and projects that are a gift to us all!”
“Celia's storytelling, evidence-based research and ability to tell it like it is rang true with so many of our parents. A real loss and we hope her work will continue.”
“In memory of my parents who would have wanted to support Celia's work”
“So sad to hear of your passing. Thank you, thank you for "The Book".”
“Donated on behalf of the Zonta Club of Oamaru in recognition for Celia's work with women”
“It was a privilege to know and work with Celia: our infrequent social breakfasts at Morrison St were both frustrating as we discoursed on children's needs , and cheerful due Celia's great yest for finding the positive. That lady really deserved to be Dame Celia”
“Even though I didn't know Celia, I somehow feel really alone now that she has gone, I can only imagine how her family feels.”
“Long may you continue Celia's legacy. All the best continuing her work and adding your own style and inspiration Beks. Go well.”
“Great 'Real' Work - Needs to continue.”
  • $15,065.00 donated
  • 189 generous donors

$15,065 donated

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