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Change Everything Day of Climate Justice Action

  • Wahoo! We made it

      30 October 2015
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    We're so happy and grateful to all of you who supported this fundraiser - Thank you! Please plan to join us for the weekend of activities on December 12 & 13 in Wellington when we stand up for climate justice. More details will be here:

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  • Three days to go!

      28 October 2015

    We have just three days to go - and with all your support, we are nearly there. Many thanks.

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  • Nearly half-way!

      12 October 2015

    Wow! We've had an awesome start to the week on our Give-a-Little campaign with a super generous donation and lots of other help - that means we are nearly half-way to our goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported so far. For those of you who haven't had a chance yet to see what's going to happen at our Change Everything weekend, check out our event page:

    And thanks again! We really appreciate your solidarity and support.

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