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Charlies Challenge : fighting rare grade 4 brain cancer

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    Waverley asks

    Hi :) I am involved in supporting a petition to double the Pharmac medicine budget and wondered if your family might be happy to sign and promote it to your networks? A link is below,

    This is a link to a recent Facebook post -

    The aim of this petition is to help Kiwi's like Charlie get the medicines they need, and raise the volume on this issue ahead of the 2020 budget and next year's election. The more signatures we can get, the bigger the impact.

    Warm Regards


    on 26 Sep 2019

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    Melissa asks

    Hi Sarah, my name is Melissa I'm from Ontario,Canada. I also have the same rare brain tumour (angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma) as your daughter. Please email me if you'd like to chat.

    Wishing little Charlie all the best ❤️

    on 5 Mar 2018

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    Glenice asks

    Dear Sarah Powell, My name is Glenice Denize. My Partner Kingitanga Spiritual Lore is a Spiritual Healer. He has helped many people with tumour of the brain.We read in the Northern Advocate about your daughter Charlotte. Kingitanga wants to help her. We live in Whangarei. Phone numbers are 09 4383421 027 6353583

    on 13 Feb 2018

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    Katrina & Philip asks

    Hi, Our little boy was diagnosed with AT/RT last march, we did treatment only to have the tumour still there. We are treating him naturally with Salvestrols and Vit C and have not only contained it but we have started to shrink it more!!

    Feel free to contact me on 021 0795045 for more details cheers Phil

    on 28 Feb 2017

    • Sarah Powell


      Hi Phil. I'm sorry to hear about your son and the unsuccessful treatment...I re met with the nurosrgeon last week ago and he stated how atrt is such a difficult one to old is your boy?...I have not heard of salvasols but googl in it as we speak. ....I had been looking at and casually using tumeric and vit c when she is willing to take them.have also increased veg and fruit with anTi cancer properties.... I've read some good books that talk about cancer in a more holistic manner and I'm not sure if that plays to my naivety about the disease or my need to control things...but it's not as tho it can make things worse!! P.s thanks for the contact.first one I've had since I started...

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