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NZ has a freshwater crisis. It’s getting worse. We must change our laws to give strong protection for our rivers & lakes.


As it stands in current law, our rivers and lakes are allowed to pose a “moderate risk” of infection when people are wading or boating in them (‘secondary contact’). This 'wadeable' standard means our fresh waterways are increasingly unsafe for people and wildlife and they will continue to be polluted.

We can turn this around. We can choose clean water for New Zealand and it’s important that we do this now, in 2016, while our freshwater legislation is under review.

We call for 'swimmable' to be the minimum standard for lakes & rivers and for NZ to establish in law that the priority for freshwater legislation is the health of people, wildlife & the environment.

The Choose Clean Water Tour kicks off 10 January, taking a month to cover the country. Five campaigners are visiting over 25 lakes and rivers, talking to locals and creating short films about each area.

Follow the tour, sign the petition and share your story at

Your donation will assist with tour costs such as: printing of petition forms, fuel, technical support like wifi in remote locations, event costs for the submission of the petition in March, etc.

We are supported by the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand, Freshwater for Life & Freshwater Foundation.

Check out media coverage:'hurting-a-lot-of-nzers

Freshwater Foundation Charitable Trust's involvement (page creator)

Our team for the tour is Geoff Reid, Kyleisha Foote, Paul Boyce, Ben Sarten and Marnie Prickett. You can contact us at:

About us

Choose Clean Water represents New Zealanders who care about our freshwater. We believe that rivers, lakes and streams should be safe for people and wildlife.

Over the summer of 2015/16 Choose Clean Water toured New Zealand meeting locals to tell their freshwater stories and creating short films about each area - check these out at

Over 12,000 signed the petition to parliament calling for safe, swimmable water.

The tour was supported by the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand, Freshwater for Life & Freshwater Foundation.

Since then, we have worked hard to push governments to put in place strong, meaningful freshwater policy to protect the health of our waterways.

Healthy water means a healthy future for our people, children and wildlife.


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We're almost there!  16 March 2016

On the 29th March we will take over 10,000 New Zealanders' voices to parliament to tell the government that we want a clean safe future for our rivers and lakes. We want this priority written into law.

We need your help to make our message as strong as it can be. The Choose Clean Water team are volunteers who have worked for the love of freshwater, we need your help to cover the costs of printing, publicity materials and a mic and speakers for the presentaion to parliament. This will be around $2000.

If you can spare a little (or a lot), it is all appreciated.

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Ellie Craft on 29 Mar 2016
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Kia kaha And please keep up the attitude of this is our birthright, not some special and unusual state to expect. Please keep seeing it as a problem to be solved and asking us all how we can help solve it.
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This campaign started on 8 Jan 2016 and ended on 31 Mar 2016.