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NZ has a freshwater crisis. It’s getting worse. We must change our laws to give strong protection for our rivers & lakes.

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As it stands in current law, our rivers and lakes are allowed to pose a “moderate risk” of infection when people are wading or boating in them (‘secondary contact’). This 'wadeable' standard means our fresh waterways are increasingly unsafe for people and wildlife and they will continue to be polluted.

We can turn this around. We can choose clean water for New Zealand and it’s important that we do this now, in 2016, while our freshwater legislation is under review.

We call for 'swimmable' to be the minimum standard for lakes & rivers and for NZ to establish in law that the priority for freshwater legislation is the health of people, wildlife & the environment.

The Choose Clean Water Tour kicks off 10 January, taking a month to cover the country. Five campaigners are visiting over 25 lakes and rivers, talking to locals and creating short films about each area.

Follow the tour, sign the petition and share your story at

Your donation will assist with tour costs such as: printing of petition forms, fuel, technical support like wifi in remote locations, event costs for the submission of the petition in March, etc.

We are supported by the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand, Freshwater for Life & Freshwater Foundation.

Check out media coverage:'hurting-a-lot-of-nzers

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Our team for the tour is Geoff Reid, Kyleisha Foote, Paul Boyce, Ben Sarten and Marnie Prickett. You can contact us at:

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Choose Clean Water.

“This should take you to a nice even $5000”
“For all of us.”
“I feel strongly that we need to preserve our waterways.”
“This is an important issue for us in Hawkes Bay. The planned irrigation dam on the Makaroro Stream will make the situation worse than it is already.”
“I hope more people can help. Spread the word.”
“Keep up the good work. Our water must not be hijacked!”
“Seeing the state of our rivers in the Waikato while fishing shows me the importance to do something quickly to stop our 100% pure NZ becoming laughable!”
“Great cause. I would love to see clean rivers allowing our families to swim safely. Surely with our 100% Pure NZ proposition this is the least we can ask for.”
“You guys are legends.”
“We need more people like you!”
  • $5,234.50 donated
  • 143 generous donors

$5,235 donated

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