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Help our buddy Chris Heazlewood

  • Wow....

      3 December 2015

    Less than 24 hours after we started the givealittle page - unbelievable! Chris has the money for his meds. There's been extra funds donated which will be useful for courier costs and customs etc, plus all the natural supplements and minerals that will help Chris through this. Chris wrote this on his FB page: "What can I say to all you lovely people ?...there is a motherlode of thanks and gratitude...Power to the peeps...I am humbled by the generosity of all my friends and acquaintances...really there is no way to express how I am feeling...Will get down to one on ones at a sooner than later date....xXxX" If you still want to donate, please do, as I'm sure there will be extra costs and basically Chris really needs financial help to get through this. Everyone of you are amazing and true to your word. You rock.

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