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Christchurch mosque shooting Injured artist Father and Son from Indonesia

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Newly moved family to Christchurch father and son both got injured

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Indonesian Artist Zulfirman Syah, his son, and wife (Alta Sacra) just recently moved to Christchurch in January 2019. They were seeking a more peaceful, healthy lifestyle with their lovely young son. Both father and son were inside the mosque and were injured during the shooting. Zulfirman was in critical condition after having been shot many times and has complex injuries as a result. He has had several surgeries since he was admitted. His son's injuries are still being attended to, but they are minor by comparison. Thank God they are on their recovery way.

Redbase represents him, and has arrangements to present his artwork at the Annual Auckland Art Fair on the 1st of May in NZ. Just before the day of the shooting, he sent me a text with his new almost-finished artwork, which will show at the Auckland Art Fair. He also sent his confirmed flight from Christchurch to Auckland for his attendance at the event. His family was happy with their newly settled life in Christchurch and he had just started these latest paintings (a continuation of his 20 year career as a fine artist in Indonesia) to be able to support his family living NZ.

As founder as the foundation I just purchased his one remaining painting in Indonesia and wired the money to his wife for a little financial support. As his recovering journey will be long, I have set this up to help his wife and their family get the support they need for their future in Christchurch.

All of the money will go directly to Zulfirman and Alta's joint ASB account in New Zealand.

We are not expecting much, but a dollar from you will show that you care for this new immigrant family. However, if you can't I thank you for reading this story. Please give more love to your kids, family members, and friends... because life itself is such a beautiful thing.

Use of funds:

For the artist family going through difficult time now and later, all the money will transfer to his wife and publish clearly on the page.

Please also note that there is another page for the family that can be found here-

Page created by:

Nancy Nan


I am NZ chinese has been living in INDONESIA for 7 years and I am the owner of Redbase Foundation base in Indonesia, we are represent Zulfirman’s art work in up coming Auckland Art Fair on 1st of May this year, recently the artist sold his art works to us for support his family living in New Zealand.

All funds raised benefit:

Zulfirman Syah and his son Roes

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Alta Sacra on behalf of Zulfirman Syah and his son Roes.
“Blessings from our family, from our hearth to yours. This is not our way. Not in my country. I am so glad you are still living. Blessings xxx”
“Thoughts and care goes out to you and your family.”
“Sending you much love.”
“I’m so happy you and your beautiful son survived.”
“God bless you all. We hope you and your precious boy are recovering well. May this small token go towards some happiness and faith restored.”
“I wish you Jannah. Ameen.”
“My sincere heartfelt wishes of fast and smooth recovery for both of you and for the 3 of you as a family in this traumatic time. With love from Bali”
“We need our artists alive and well and making. Get well soon Zulfirman Syah, the bravest of artists. Aroha nui”
“Get Well Soon. My thoughts are with you both and prayers for a speedy recovery.”
“Great of you to set this Nan and a pleasure to help out an Indonesian artist who wanted nothing but to better his life in another country...”
  • $3,526.00 donated
  • 43 generous donors

$3,526 donated


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