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COGY (Pedal wheelchair) for Jaime

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The Cogy pedal wheelchair gives Jaime the benefit of physical activity as well as the joy of being able to get around under her own steam.

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My daughter, Jaime is 13 yrs old and has Rett Syndrome, a genetic brain disorder caused by a mutation in the MECP2 gene.

Jaime is a very social and happy girl, she loves going out shopping, to the park, library, visiting friends etc. Yet, because of her condition, Jaime has very little opportunity for physical activities. Having her own cogy, pedal wheelchair, would radically change that. We would love to raise the funds to get Jaime a cogy for Christmas.

Jaime spends most of her day confined to a wheelchair, at present she is able to do standing transfers from wheelchair to toilet, walker, standing frame etc without a hoist. Keeping her joints supple and her legs strong (and doing it in a fun and enjoyable way) is crucial for being able to continue taking Jaime out and about and enjoying life.

We are more than sure that COGY will be beneficial to her physical abilities. One example is, her co-ordination to take a step with her left leg was remarkably improved after her first trial with the cogy. (Normally she can pick up and take a step with her right leg ok but it is more difficult for her brain to get the message to her left leg and she generally just lets it drag.)

If Jaime had her own cogy, it would help to keep her joints supple, strengthen her legs and help to build muscle memory and co-ordination for standing and walking.

The cogy would also help with circulation which is very poor in her legs and feet.

Being in the cogy gives Jaime the abilty to enjoy physical activity in a fun way and to be able to get out and about with minimal assistance and a feeling of independence. When I tell her that we are going to meet Koko and go for a pedal in the cogy Jaime's face lights up with a big smile. (She used to love horse riding, unfortunately since having spinal fusion surgery in April this year that is no longer an option.)

The cost of the cogy is around $7000 as we need a few extra accessories on it because of Jaime's disability.

Use of funds:

Money raised will be used to purchase a cogy for Jaime. If we cannot raise enough we will apply to various trusts and fund raise. If more money is raised than required we will donate it toward a cogy for another person.

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Shani Renwick


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Shani Renwick.
“Jamie, you are such a beautiful person”
“Hi Shani, I have always known you to be strong, generous, and a loving mother to your kids..I may not donate a lot but I will pray that you will be able to raise the money that you need for Jaime... I know this will help Jaime a lot... God bless”
“We hope you get lots of enjoyment out of the new chair Jaime :)”
“Wishing you the best of luck with this.”
“So happy to give a little.”
“Best wishes”
“All the best Jaime”
“Go Jamie!!We are looking forward to do some cogy riding together!! Lots of love from Miro, Conni, Tony and Manuka XX”
“Go Jaime”
  • $4,055.00 donated
  • 38 generous donors

$4,055 donated

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