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Country Retreat Animal Sanctuary

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Building a Puppy and old dog rescue shelter and potentially other areas for larger animals.

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In the last few years we have adopted 4 goats, 2 pigs, 6 peacocks, ducks, chickens, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Anything we have taken on so far, the costs have come out of our own pockets. All animals in our care are fully vaccinated, regular vet checked and have amazing play areas.

Also, we currently foster puppies and would love to do this on a larger scale as we can only take 2-3 at a time in the house. We want to create a small puppy/old dog foster shelter on our land.

It is a mammoth task as we will need Council consents to put in a driveway/walkways (Gravel), building/s which will be able to house approx. 10-12 puppies and a separate area which could house 4-5 old dogs. The building/s would need to include a bathroom, Kitchen/food prep area, laundry, storage for cleaning equipment, blankets, newspapers, toys etc. We will also need septic tank, water and plumbing, electrics etc. Outside ideally would have a concrete area for easy cleaning, which will lead out onto a grassed area. All would need secure fencing and gates. We will use couches, beds etc for the old dogs and anything which will make their final months, years comfortable or until they are adopted. If they don’t get adopted, they will remain with us to live out their lives comfortably. Pups will need a continuous supply of every-thing, food, medication, toys etc.

The above is just an idea of what we would like, the building, outside area will depend on how much money we can raise. Even if we don’t manage to raise enough funds we will just keep working away until we can put something in place. We are planning to start with just dogs but will also be looking at fencing some safe paddocks with shelters so we can also help with fostering larger animals. Any animal that comes into our care will be given the best care we possible can give.

We will be calling ourselves Country Retreat Animal Sanctuary, we own and run Country Retreat for Dogs and Cats and have built a fantastic reputation due to our care and love of animals. The business will be totally separate to the Sanctuary.

Use of funds

We are raising funds to allow us to obtain Council consent, install driveway, walkways, building/s and the necessary service’s. Outdoor areas, fencing, gates etc. Extra funds will go to the upkeep, vet bills and food etc.

Latest donations

  • Ann

    Ann 6 days ago


    A thank you in memory of our Sid. Wishing you every success


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 13 Sep 2019


    I love what you guys are doing and wish you every success.


  • Stacey

    Stacey on 11 Sep 2019


    Keep up the good work!


  • Olive and Dave

    Olive and Dave on 11 Sep 2019


    Thankyou for taking care of our boys when they come to stay.


  • Mocha & Hershey

    Mocha & Hershey on 11 Sep 2019



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$800 donated

Given by 18 generous donors in 11 days

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