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Crofton Downs Community Hall

$48,350 of $45,000 goal

Given by 164 generous donors in around 5 months

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Help us fund the earthquake strengthening of our special Hall so that it can be reopened to the Crofton Downs and wider Wellington community

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We need your help to strengthen our Hall - Please Donate!

On this page you can access our Sakura Blossom recognition programme, where families or organisations who donate $100 or over (and wish to be recognised) can choose a Sakura blossom with their name to be permanently displayed in the strengthened hall. The blossom colours and levels are outlined below.

White blossom $100 - $249

Purple blossom $250 - $499

Pink blossom $500 - $999

Silver blossom $1,000+

Upon donating $100 or more, enter the name you wish to be included on your Sakura Blossom into the payment details section. You will receive 1 blossom per donation. Donations under $100 will be acknowledged with a certificate.

We appeal to you to donate as generously as possible so this project can proceed - maybe your extended family would like to chip in or you could initiate a fundraising drive of your own to earn a blossom!

Did you know - your donation could be eligible for a tax credit. That means you could get back 33% of every $1 that you donate. Check the IRD website to confirm your eligibility -

Thank you! With everyone behind us, we can bring the foundation of our community back to life.

A little history -

The Crofton Downs Community hall, or Sakura Hall as it is also known, is located on the grounds of Crofton Downs Primary School in Wellington. It was designed by local Architect Brian Hope. It is a large multi-purpose facility in beautiful condition and suitable for a wide range of sporting, cultural and social activities. It is a valuable and well loved local asset that has been regularly used by local community groups, sports organisations, Wellington's city-wide Japanese community and supplementary school and the Crofton Downs Primary School. It was built from community fundraising efforts in 1991.

Our beautiful Community Hall was closed in 2014 when it was deemed to be an 'earthquake prone building', meeting only 13% of the New Building Standards (NBS). Construction work is now required to structurally strengthen the Hall to an acceptable level.

With this project estimated to cost approximately $455,000.00, we are extremely grateful to have received generous donations from a number of contributors thus far. With the funds raised to date, we are poised to commission the construction work in July 2016.

We are now urgently appealing to the local community, extended school families, hall users, supporters and businesses to meet the $45,000 shortfall necessary to fully fund the strengthening work and re-open the hall as soon as possible.

The Crofton Downs Primary School (CDPS) Board of Trustees must cover all the costs for this project, as it is the sole owner and guardian of the Hall. There is no financial support available from the Ministry of Education. Money raised from this fundraising drive, will go to the CDPS Board of Trustees, for the sole purpose of restrengthening the Hall.

Due to a lack of similar facilities in the area, the demand is high from the community to have the Hall reopened so that it can be used again. In excellent condition due to regular maintenance, but sitting idle due to the changed seismic requirements, the Hall is currently a wasted asset.

Our sincere thanks go to the following organisations for their donations and grants - Lottery Community Facilities Committee of the NZ Lottery Grants Board, The Transpower Community Care Fund, The Japanese Businesspeople’s Association, Mitsubishi Motors NZ and the CDPS PTA.

We hope our Givealittle site enables the many past, present and future Community Hall users the opportunity to support us in ensuring this excellent resource is returned to public use.

Once reopened, the Crofton Downs Community Hall will again act as a focal point for local arts, recreational and social activities, allowing people to easily come together and connect. We very much look forward to reopening it's doors to the community.

Crofton Downs Primary School's involvement (page creator)

The Crofton Downs Community Hall is located on the grounds of the Crofton Downs Primary School (CDPS).

The Hall is owned and managed by the Board of Trustees, on behalf of the community. Because the Ministry of Education does not own the Hall, it will not assist financially in any way.

Therefore it is up to us at CDPS BoT to lead the fundraising campaign to reopen the Crofton Downs Community Hall.

About us

At our small and friendly school, every child is an individual.

We’re a school where all the children know each other, where every teacher knows every child, and where every child is supported individually as they learn, play and grow.

As a school, we recognise the importance of childhood. Our large, garden-like site is a happy and safe environment where children have the freedom to enjoy being children -- exploring and playing in the bush, riding bikes and scooters, curling up with a good book in the library, kicking a ball on the big field or just following their imagination.

As teachers, we have high expectations. In our small classes, each child has individual goals and invariably exceeds those goals. We place a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, while encouraging children to learn and inquire – to develop thinking tools and questioning skills while discovering the joy of learning.

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Latest update

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The tenders are in!   15 July 2016

The tenders are in and the Board met this week to discuss the hall construction contract. Thanks to the fabulous support from the community and various funding agencies, we are now able to proceed with the project! There are still lots of negotiations to complete but watch out for a full update on the project at the start of the new term. Thank you everyone!

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Latest donations

  • uncle paul

    uncle paul on 13 Jul 2016



  • Susan and Chris

    Susan and Chris on 10 Jul 2016



    • Crofton Downs Primary School

      As a current Ngaio School family, we are so pleased that you have chosen to support your friends and neighbouring community. We hope to be able to welcome your school back as a user of our Hall very soon. Thank you!

  • Young Family

    Young Family on 08 Jul 2016


    A pink blossom please for Scottie and Matt Young. The hall has definitely been missed by the pupils and the community and such an amazing effort has been put in to reach this target. Congratulations to a special little school with a big spirit and to all those working tirelessly to make it happen.


  • Anna Davidson, Julie Thompson & kids

    Anna Davidson, Julie Thompson & kids on 08 Jul 2016


    In support of Lottie, Moss, Thea and all the current and future pupils at Crofton Downs school. Well done with the fundraising!


    • Crofton Downs Primary School

      We see there are more awesome Grandparents, Aunties and Cousins donating this week - you guys are fabulous!

  • Trudi

    Trudi on 08 Jul 2016


    Awesome to see you have surpassed your goal!!! I am happy to add to a 1980's Chartwell School pupil I left just before this wonderful (and much longed for) hall was built. I will have to come for a visit when it is open again :)


    • Crofton Downs Primary School

      Thank you to another past pupil. We would love you to visit and see our beautiful Hall in the (hopefully!) not too distant future!

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$48,350 of $45,000 goal

Given by 164 generous donors in around 5 months

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