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Cyclone Pam Relief

  • Chainsaws purchased, Arborist found

      29 March 2015

    Thanks so much for all the generous donations. As of today we have purchased a big chainsaw with the money and have been donated a chainsaw mill. A donor has also bought us a small chainsaw. A New Zealand Arborist is headed to Temotu on April 4. He will train local people in the use of the saws and mill and help them cleanup and mill fallen trees for use to repair houses. We have done well and now have the gear we need. We still need a little more to cover petrol.

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  • Fenualoa rapid assessment

      20 March 2015

    Rapid needs assessment of Fenualoa Island.

    Date: 15/03/2015

    Assessment team: Willie Foa (ex policeman)and Charles Ngali (Nuaba Clinic Nurse)


    Assessment team visited each village by boat (supplied by Ben Hepworth) walked through village, observed damage and talked to community members.



    Lost 4 sheets iron on the only village water catchment. This is a medium term issue as tarpaulins can be used on houses to collect water for now.


    Several sheets of iron blown off from water catchments but spare iron (13 sheets) should be available from the community house building project and can be used.

    Malubu, Tanga, Tuwo.

    No water issues reported (other than usual shortage of catchments and tanks)

    House assessment by village, Fenualoa Island.


    Damaged 17 Need tarp 17


    Damaged 30 Need tarp 10


    Damaged 36 Need tarp 12


    Damaged 52 Need tarp 10


    Damaged 44 Need tarp 7

    Total damaged 179, need tarp 56


    No immediate need as most people have some stocks. In a week or 2 people will need food aid as all many ground vegetables crops have been lost as well as most fruit trees and bananas, especially in exposed areas.

    Other needs

    Many trees are fallen onto gardens and paths. Communities have asked for Chainsaws to help remove debris. OceansWatch will supply chainsaws, safety gear and safe use training.

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  • Mola'a

      14 March 2015

    Just heard from "Professor" Hearthley. 17 houses destroyed in Mola'a, including the Church, Coconut Oil kitchen and the new ecotourism house"

    Talked to Charles at the Clinic, He will walk the Island today (Saturday 14th) to look at damage in the other villages and report back. Our plan now will be to contract Ben Hepworth to go to Lata and get tarpaulins etc from World Vision. We hope to get more funds, what we have so far will pay for just 1 trip. If we can raise more funds Ben can get some food too.

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