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Cyclone Pam has devastated some of the tiny Islands of Temotu, Solomon Islands. Please help us help our dear friends there.


Cyclone Pam has just hit the small Islands of Temotu. This is a huge disaster for the people there but because there are few people living there, they are unlikely to receive Aid or emergency funds from normal channels. We are just getting reports in now, and it sounds like it's been devastating. Houses are wrecked, fruit trees blown down, water catchments ruined. the people have survived but are now huddling in their churches getting hungry and cold. We aim to raise funds here in New Zealand that will be sent to our Solomon Islands Charity. The Solomon Island directors will buy tarpaulins and other essential items and get them out to Temotu as fast as possible. Please help us help them, thank you.

OceansWatch's involvement (page creator)

OceansWatch is involved because we have been working with these vulnerable communities for 5 years during which we have grown to love and respect the people from the Islands of Temotu. All of theses communities have been trying very hard to help themselves, working on many ventures to ensure their sustainable future, trying so hard to be self reliant in the face of their isolation and vulnerability. I can not image a more deserving group of people to be given our help.

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We run expeditions on loaned sailing yachts to remote small islands to assist them with marine and terrestrial ecosystem management, sustainable livelihood projects, environmental education and to build their capacity to handle the problems associated with climate change.

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Chainsaws purchased, Arborist found  29 March 2015

Thanks so much for all the generous donations. As of today we have purchased a big chainsaw with the money and have been donated a chainsaw mill. A donor has also bought us a small chainsaw. A New Zealand Arborist is headed to Temotu on April 4. He will train local people in the use of the saws and mill and help them cleanup and mill fallen trees for use to repair houses. We have done well and now have the gear we need. We still need a little more to cover petrol.

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