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Dancing with the Pigs

  • Reaching a little further...

      22 June 2020

    Oops, missed a zero on the last update!!

    We are so happy to have the sun out here today, it’s stunning! Little Onyx is out munching on grass and dozing under the trees :)

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  • Reaching a little bit further...

      21 June 2020
    Main image

    With some recent vet bills and new recent animal arrivals we have decided to up our target and extend our date by a week. We really appreciate all the support we have had, thank you all so so much!! Here is a picture of Onyx, today’s little orphan wild goat kid rescue :)

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  • Animal Look-alike Competition to celebrate our $8000 milestone

      20 June 2020
    Main image

    Welcome to the Animal Look Alike Contest!

    Also this time there is a chance for you to WIN something!

    We did 5 of our own animal look-a-likes, you can see them below in this post.

    Think you can do better? We are sure you can!

    We have added 5 photos of our animals so you can do your own look-a-like and enter the contest.

    Here are the five animals for you to try to look a like to win:

    - Punky pig: A large spotted rescue pig. She came here around 4 years ago.

    - Bunnykin: A small black and white bunny. A family got him for their children who lost interest in him.

    - Fanny goat: Fanny lived at a property with a tire around her neck for 7 years! When the people moved out they left her behind and the new house owners gave her to us.

    - Hakuna: A beautiful rooster with many colours. He came here with his friend Matata as often people can’t have rosters in residential areas, therefore these two needed to find a new home.

    - Struan cow: Was rescued by a vegan family and then given to us when they had to return to the UK. She has been with us for about 7 years.

    THE PRIZES ARE a Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary calendar and tea towel for the best animal look-a-like winner! Who will win? Post your photo in the comments and the photo with the most likes wins! It closes 7pm on Sunday 21.06.20

    Help us get to our next milestone:

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  • The joy of snuffle mats!

      13 June 2020
    Main image

    As promised we have some cute little videos for you of our animals eating out of a snuffle mat.

    For all animals it’s good to have enrichment. And food is one of the easiest ways to entertain animals. There are a lot of different ways to make eating more entertaining for your animals.

    Even a toilet roll can be fun to get food out of. For dogs and cats there are slow feeding bowls as well as lick mats and kongs.

    All the animals in the video are eating different kind of food out of the snuffle mat. 🙂

    How do you keep your animals entertained every day? Share your methods below and we can all enrich our animals life’s some more.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated. You are all amazing!

    Love from the crew and the animals to you!

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  • Blackberry treats for the goats at the Black Sheep!

      6 June 2020
    Main image

    We have passed our $3000 milestone and as promised we went live to show you how happy the goats are eating all the blackberry clippings we have cut for them. They love them! Check out the video below ...

    Our next milestone is $4000 where we will livestream taking our ponies for a nice walk, so please come along with us.

    A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far.

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  • A castle for Casper the cockatoo!

      2 June 2020
    Main image

    Our $2000 goal was to build a play castle for our cockatoo Casper to dismantle. Our wonderful volunteer Sophie has been working hard to create this masterpiece. It is We will get Casper playing and pecking it as soon as we can. So stay tuned! He will have a fabulous day! Thank you so much :-)

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  • Tree planting to celebrate our first milestone!

      29 May 2020
    Main image

    Thank you! We reached our $1000 milestone and are almost at our next goal of $2000. You are all great! For the $1000 goal we said we would plant ten native trees for shelter and we did. Our goats like eating them all, but we're doing everything to protect them! Thanks so much everyone for your support so far. As soon as we reach out $2000 we will build our cockatoo Casper a castle to play with and pull apart. Please keep sharing and spreading the word about our fundraiser and help feed and keep the animals warm this winter.

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