Dancing with the Pigs

$9,109 of $15,000 goal
Given by 170 generous donors in 5 weeks

After a few months without an income from our fundraising op shops, we are raising funds to buy winter supplies for all our 250 animals.


Black Sheep Emergency Winter Feed Fundraiser

Can you help us survive winter?

We hope you are keeping safe and well during these difficult times!

Winter is looming and we need your help to continue our animal rescue work.

We depend financially on the funds raised by our Opportunity for Animals Op Shops in Miramar and Newtown. Due to the COVID19 restrictions our shops shut down for two months, and our fundraising stalls and open days were cancelled. With the shops shut and animal care costs the past few months have been hard for us, especially as our feed and vet bills tend to soar over winter.

Can you help us stock up on essential hay, straw, grain, oats and pellets to keep the cows, sheep, pigs, goats and horses munching happily through the chilly days?

At this time of year our rescued animals need extra food to maintain their body temperature. The grass growth slows, and we feed out to our cows twice a day. They have enormous healthy appetites, bless them! Even the smallest donation helps so much –

$8-$10 buys a bale of hay,

$28.60 buys a bag of Multi Feed Nuts

$37.60 buys bag of lucerne chaff

$10 buys a bale of straw

$52.30 buys 5lt of linseed oil

$47.60 buys a bag of Speedi Beet (beet complementary feed for horses)

During these tough times, we'd love to give you something back for your support, and bring a smile to your face.

When we reach a milestone on the way to our ultimate goal, we will entertain you with some creative animal care and delight!

$ 1,000 We will plant 10 NZ native trees and post the photos on facebook

$ 2,000 We will build our cockatoo Casper a castle and video him dismantling it

$ 3,000 We will feed the goats a huge trailer of blackberry prunings and livestream them savouring this

$ 4,000 We will take our ponies Chester, Lily and Thunder on a walk and run with them and share the cute videos with you

$ 5,000 We will post videos of bunnies, cats and dogs eating treats out of a snuffle mat (not all at once)

$ 6,000 We will share a wallow with one of our pigs (we will need a sunny day for that!)

$ 7,000 We will livestream feeding our animal friends their favourite treats

$ 8,000 Animal Look Alike Contest! We will hold an animal look-a-like contest with our team at the sanctuary and you get to choose the winner

$ 9,000 We will bake animal friendly cakes and cookies for the animals

$ 10,000 Prom/dress up dance ball with all our animals! We will waltz through the goat paddock in ball dresses and cavort with the goats and pigs.

Also tell us what you want to see and we might just make it happen!

We are an official registered charity, and all donations over $5.00 are tax deductible

If you can’t support us financially there are many other ways to help. You can donate cat or dog food, straw or hay, or leave us a voucher at our local Farmlands store in Ōtaki.

Material gifts are great too, if you have gear you can spare:

Roofing nails (to build goat houses)

Wood for building projects

Firewood to keep the caretaker house and resident small animals cosy on chilly nights

Building nails

Warratahs/fence posts


Animal houses


Corrugated Iron (used)



Hay feeders



At this difficult time, it's critical that we continue our work to rescue animals, and oppose animal-based agriculture. Industrial agriculture is linked to pandemics such as COVID-19 and SARS, as crowding chickens and pigs into intensive farms creates a breeding ground for viruses. In cramped, unsanitary sheds, pathogens readily jump from miserable animals to stressed humans. The Black Sheep works to oppose this abuse, educate our communities, and prevent future pandemics. Every animal we care for is a symbol of hope and liberation.

Please share this fundraiser, and make it go viral! (pun intended)

About us

The Black Sheep supports animal rights and animal protection, providing a safe haven for over 200 previously abused, injured and neglected animals (pigs, goats, sheep, roosters, cows, horses, ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys and more) near Ōtaki Forks.

Use of funds

During winter our weekly costs soar. With the funds we raise we will buy hay, straw, grain, oats and pellets to keep the cow, sheep, pigs, goats, bunnies and horses munching happily through the chilly days. Even the smallest donation helps so much

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Reaching a little further...  22 June 2020

Oops, missed a zero on the last update!!

We are so happy to have the sun out here today, it’s stunning! Little Onyx is out munching on grass and dozing under the trees :)

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