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Help save New Zealand's oldest ship the 'Daring' from the ravages of the sea for the appreciation and understanding of future generations.


Dare to become a crew member and help rescue one of New Zealand’s oldest ships the ’Daring’.

She is a 100% New Zealand built ship. Crafted in Mangawhai in 1863 from Kauri and Pohutukawa, she is a New Zealand maritime treasure. The Daring is 6 years older than the famous Cutty Sark!

She lay protected for 153 years beneath the sand dunes of the Kaipara Heads and after a successful recovery project now rests in a protected environment where her long term preservation has commenced. Our vision is to preserve her and put her on public display for all New Zealanders to examine the design and craftsmanship that has gone into the Daring. Her artistic form underpins the true Kiwi spirit.

She has a great message to deliver to future generations about the 27 year old builder Donald McInnis who came to NZ with nothing but a dream, energy and a skill. Young people like him were the foundation of the Kiwi “ we can do anything attitude”.

Become a crew member of the Daring and join us on a journey to secure our valuable heritage. We have a crew of experts which include a project manager, scientists, restoration specialists and a museum curators and designers who are working to the plan to preserve and present this unique piece of New Zealand's history.

We just need you to come aboard!

About us

The Classic Yacht Charitable Trust has approval from Heritage NZ to recover, preserve and publicly display the 1863 coastal trading vessel the Daring. With many years experience in retrieving classic pre 1900 vessels from muddy estuaries and offshore locations and restoring them to beautiful working condition for all New Zealanders to experience. Visit our website to learn more of our achievements to date. http://classicyachtcharitabletrust.org.nz/

Use of funds

Funds raised go toward the all stages of the project including the first stage which was to salvage the vessel from the beach, move her to a temporary location where preservation work can be carried out pending the final stage which will be to preserve reassemble and move her to public display.

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Latest update

Daring's preservation is well under way..  11 July 2019

We have completed analysis of the timbers of the vessel to understand the quality of the cellular structure and the concentration of minerals in the timbers to enable a thorough preservation process to be projected. We are currently designing a permanent cradle to carry the vessel through to public display. We are very hopeful of finalising the final museum location for her and once agreed we will be moving her to a workshop to complete laser scanning, cleaning between the inner and outer planking and straightening the hull to facilitate reassembly of beams and timbers recovered before transport to her final location for ongoing preservation and public display.

Thank you so much to those who have so generously helped with funding through this give a little page, through our website and directly. We have made incredible progress and value your continued support.

Be sure to watch TV1 Sunday programme this Sunday 14th July at 7:30pm (or TVNZondemand afterwards) when John Hudson and the Daring Rescue team will tell this story, the most amazing rescue of a true New Zealand ship.

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Keith Humphreys
Keith Humphreys on 17 Jul 2019
Inspired from the start but missed the program, bugger! and apparently withdrawn from You tube?
Brian on 17 Jul 2019
Great programme on Sunday . Glad to make a top up. Hope others will put their hands in their pockets.
Dominic Wakefield
Dominic Wakefield on 15 Jul 2019
All because Guterres says it's worth it. Maybe I will get out to NZ to see it one day. Shame about the cricket! :-)
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 14 Jul 2019
OMG what an incredible find! Will be following Darings future with so much interest!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 03 Feb 2019

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