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Darren's brain tumour battle. Lets get him to Germany!

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Darren. Father, husband, friend,mentor. Needs $150,000 to undergo life saving treatment in Germany for his terminal brain tumor.

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Darren Anderson has been fighting his brain tumor for the past 13 years which is amazing considering his prognosis was just 5 to 7. Over that time he has undergone 3 major brain surgeries and 2 years of chemotherapy and radiation. Darren is just recovering from his latest surgery and we have been told by his doctors in New Zealand that the treatment available here will not save his life. With full support of his specialist we have decided to undergo immunotherapy (the most promising treatment for brain tumours at the moment) in Germany. We believe, after much consideration and thorough research this will give Darren the best opportunity to continue to be an amazing father to his two boys and husband to his loving wife Hilary who has been with him since the beginning of this journey.

Darren is truly amazing the way he has coped with this tumor. It has never slowed him down until his recent diagnosis. He is an extremely talented artist and carpenter. He is also a well respected Taekwondo Leader holding a 3rd dan black belt something he achieved while still battling this beast. Darren's other passion is mountain biking and until now he has not allowed this tumour to slow him down. He has also made sure he has had the best diet and supplements to support his health.

The priority for us raising this money is his children being able to have a father to raise them through their school days and beyond.

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far on this journey.Thank you so much

Use of Funds:

Funds raised will be used to support Darren and his family while undergoing treatment in Germany

Page created by:

Stacy Silich


I am a very close friend of the family and have known them for the past 7 years. I am known and trusted within our community who have helped me support this family through their hard times. I hope now we can spread the support wider to enable the treatment Darren requires.

All funds raised benefit:

Hilary O'Brien-Anderson


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Hilary O'Brien-Anderson.

  • $55,994.35 donated
  • 149 generous donors

$55,994 donated



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