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Help for battery baby Devon


      23 July 2015

    Update on Devon’s Medical Condition for Give A Little

    17 July 2015

    Devon had a tracheostomy performed on 8 May 2015 and at that point he need the ventilation machine in order to breathe. Devon was unable to breathe independent of the ventilation machine due to two significant conditions within this trachea (windpipe).

    !. Tracheomalacia

    Devons trachea collapses and flattens so that air cannot get into his lungs. This is called tracheomalacia and is an abnormal collapse of the tracheal walls. Think about breathing in and out: When you inhale, your chest expands, and when you exhale, your chest wall contracts, to help push the air out. This action puts pressure on some internal parts of the body, such as the heart, the lungs and the trachea.

    A healthy trachea is supported by a series of “c-shaped” rings made of cartilage that help your airway to stay open during exhalation. Tracheomalacia means that these rings aren’t strong enough or in Devon’s case the surgeons have had to remove so much of his trachea due to a fistula and scar tissue for the orginal corrosion burn from the battery there isnt enough support left now to keep the trachea open.

    The trachea needs to be open during inhalation or exhalation, and if the trachea becomes narrowed or flattened then it’s very hard to breathe. Devon has severe tracheomalacia which can be life-threatening as breathing in or out becomes impossible as the trachea narrows so much it is closed as the walls collaspe into each other.

    2. Bilateral Vocal Folds Paralysis

    Vocal fold paralysis (also known as vocal cord paralysis) is a disorder that occurs when one or both of the vocal folds don't open or close properly. Paralysis of both vocal folds is rare and can be life threatening.

    The vocal folds are two elastic bands of muscle tissue located in the larynx (voice box) directly above the trachea (windpipe). When you breathe, your vocal folds remain apart and when you swallow, they are tightly closed. When you use your voice, however, air from the lungs causes your vocal folds to vibrate between open and closed positions.

    If you have vocal fold paralysis, the paralyzed fold or folds may remain open, leaving the air passages and lungs unprotected. You could have difficulty swallowing or food or liquids could accidentally enter the trachea and lungs, causing serious health problems (such as aspirational pneumonia which Devon has already survived once).

    The tracheostomy fixed the issue that Devon has with his vocal fold dysfunction however the tracheomalacia remained an on going conern.

    However after the tracheostomy and over time it became evident that trache (tracheostomy tube) was stenting open his trachea. This was surprising. So as Devon became stronger and regain his health he has been able to be slowly weened off the ventilatin machine and is breathing using the tracheostomy.

    At this point we were finally moved from intensive care to the Ward of Starship!!! YAY – this was hugely significant as it mean that Devon was out of imminant life threatening danger. I can not explain to you the relief this aspect was for me.

    However movement of Devon from intensive care to the ward added other complications such as the requirement for a parent to be with Devon 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So I had to work out how I could manage everything with Mikayla and Brayden. I am and will enternally be very grateful to my mother (and her partner Noel) as she agreed to came up to Starship Hospital/ Ronald McDonald House to support and helped me with my other two little people (well Brayden at nearly 16 years old isnt exactly little but you know what I mean ?) .

    Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful place and I think they have made a time in our life that would have been impossible manageable. The staff truly do an amazing job in support and helping family member of sick children survive the challenges.

    So back to Devon’s recovery, after the move to the Ward in Starship (beginning of June) discussions commenced about what next initially we were advised that Devon could go home before the oesophagastomy could be reversed and the reconstruction of his oesophagus could commence which is roughly scheduled for commencement in January or February 2016.

    However it soon became evident that this would be to risky because Devon could very easily dislodge his extra small trache tube and he can not breath at all with out (he would sufficate and go into cardaric arrest within 4 minutes). This was too much of a risk to take so it has been decided that Devon must remain in Hospital until after the oesophageal reconstruction which could be another whole year away. There is no guarantee of Devon being released even then it will deoend on how is overall medical situation is but I have to have hope of a more normal life at some stage for him.

    So we are now awaiting the outcome of the up and coming discussion between Tauranga Hospital and Starship Hospital to decide where Devon will wait out the time until the oesophageal reconstruction.

    I only wish Devons insides were looking as good as his outsides. He is still very much at risk with his airway being so tenuous. So there is still a very long way to go yet but we might be able to come home to Tauranga Hospital while we wait for the next stage to start.

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    • 31/07/2015 by Mata

      Thank you for keeping us dated with little Devon, Our best wishes to you all, stay strong, Devon is a little fighter who will come over barriers, Hugs to you all

    • 28/02/2016 by Alyssa

      I and my brother both have Congenital Bilateral vocal Cord Paralysis. I don't know how but I would really like to help in any way I can!

      Alyssa Russell

    • 28/02/2016 by Alyssa

      My email is

      Even if my daughter and I could paint a picture or drawing for him we would be happy to.


      24 March 2015


    Amanda has asked me to share this update "If people have been kind enough to support us then its reasonable for me to be upfront with the reality we face"

    Devon came through the surgery.

    Devon must heal this time as there isn't a millimeter of trachea left that can be removed and there isn't a medical substitutes for trachea that the body doesn't reject.

    So this is it .. the last chance.. as there is no further surgical intervention available. Nothing more can be taken.

    The surgery took longer than anticipated so all up Devon was gone over 6 hours.

    The surgeons had a harder time getting Devon off ECMO due to the extremely unhealthy state of Devons lungs from the pneumonia.

    (in intensive care medicine, ECMO is the abbreviation for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or extracorporeal life support technique. ECMO provides both cardiac (heart) and respiratory (lungs) and is used to support patients whose heart and lungs are so severely diseased or damaged place that they can no longer serve their function. Alternatively as is the case with Devon neither the heart or lungs can remaining functional while surgery on other organs takes place).

    The hole where the fistula was in the oesophagus likewise had to be cut out. Unfortunately that has meant there wasn't enough oesophagus to re-join the two ends.

    So Devon has had his oesophagus removed and a collection drain for saliva put into his neck and the opening the stomach was stitched closed.

    The surgical team will look at how they can repair the oesophagus in a year or so. (This all makes my heart hurt so so badly).

    I would rather go 12 rounds with Mike Tyson than have to relive a second of any of this time again.

    When he returned from theatre hours chest was still open to allow room for his lungs to expand and to relieve any additional pressure on his heart. An open chest means that Devons ribs were not pulled back together and his chest was not stitched closed at all. The surgeons had packed Devons chest so it looked like an axe had cut a deep V into his chest. I got a hell of a fright when I saw it. It was very gruesome and all I could do was sob.

    For now Devon is sedated heavily with a cocktail of sedatives and pain relief, ventilated, is being feed intravenously, spiking very high temperatures (last night his temp got as high as 40.4 degrees).

    It's all very terrifying.. but I believe in the strength of my babies character so I have faith in his ability and will to fight to recover.

    The equivalent of what Devon has gone through would have killed an adult three times over. So that gives us all an idea of the courage, bravery and tenacious nature of this sweet Angel..

    This link will show you exactly how much devastation a button battery can do in just 2 short hours.…/parents-warned-over-2018…

    — feeling heartbroken.

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    • 26/03/2015 by Paul

      We are so sorry to hear about poor little Devon's situation. This little guy has such an amazing fighting spirit. Just a phenomenal strength of character. I know there is nothing we can say that will change things but please know that we are thinking of him and are hoping he pulls through this tough time..

    • 26/03/2015 by Rochelle

      Dear Amanda,

      I've been following Devon's story and feel devastated for you and your little boy. I can't begin to imagine the horror you are experiencing. I just wanted to let you know that I think of Devon often, that I'm sending him all the best of wishes for a good recovery, and that there are many of us around the country who are here, with you in spirit, holding his hand.

      Hugs x

    • 26/03/2015 by Sara

      My heart aches for you, stay strong when you can xx

    • 27/03/2015 by Nathan

      Dear Amanda and family,

      In seeing the pain you and especially Devon have gone through already, i can only share a little in the grief you may feel. Although you may be wearying of hope, I stand with you in the hope that you still have that he will recover, and I sincerely pray that you would hear him laugh again, that you would see a miracle, if I may, in Jesus' name. And although I do not know you, I pray that you would be comforted in the midst of this, that it wouldn't overwhelm you. (I could offer hugs, but I trust others are better placed to give you those!)

      With love.

    • 02/04/2015 by Ajit

      I check this page almost daily. I hope he gets well soon. Hang on, little guy. You are one tough cookie.

    • 15/04/2015 by Laura

      I think of Devon and his family every day. I have a 2yr old granddaughter and a 5mth old granddaughter. They are my life. I would very much like to send Devon and his siblings a gift each. I wouldn't want to send the wrong thing. Rachael could you please maybe ask what I could send PLEASE. After a donation it's about the only thing I can think to do. Sending lots of love and hugs to such a special poppet Devon xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • 28/04/2015 by Emma

      Amanda and Devon,You are the strongest people I know. I felt very honoured to visit with you baby Dev and loved taking your big sister Mikayla out for a fun day and spending time with your amazing mummy. You blow my socks off with the Will and the strength and the fight, you are our true superhero kiddo. I'll be seeing you again real soon xxx

    • 08/07/2015 by Paul

      Hi, can we please get an update on how Devon is doing? I hope he is improving. Regards, Paul


      12 March 2015
    Main image

    Devon is having spasms, shaking and can't focus. The doctors believe something neurological has happened such as a stroke. They have completely sedated devon again. Amanda as a mother is obviously heartbroken. Support is needed now more than ever in which ever way. Please be positive.. I will NOT accept any negative comments. Amanda (mum), Devon and family need all of us 100% beside them in showing our love and humanity. Rachael Sayers.

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    • 13/03/2015 by Paul

      This is heartbreaking. Our thoughts an prayers are with you in this difficult time. Let him know we are thinking of him.

    • 13/03/2015 by Stella

      My heart goes out to this little boy, and my workmates and I , who have made donations wish him a full recovery, but I find it upsetting that you Rachael put up a photo like this that is very personal to the family, and are asking for more support on this page where donations are welcomed. This boys medical care is paid for by the state, and any further care will also be covered , (you as a nurse should know this) I don't mind contributing towards his Mums stay in Auckland, that's my choice, but to tell us he is not doing well and more support/money is needed? It was especially concerning to see the mothers sister say she wants to raise 100K, that's about the same as 2.5 years earnings for most of us. We don't understand why 100K is needed.

      And I am sorry if this is coming across as negative, and we are all hoping they discover Devon has not had a stroke, but as we have all been trying to follow his progress this is upsetting . As was the last post saying he survived his operation but only time would tell? that left us all wondering. Not once have we had a glimpse of positivity about his condition.

      Regards Stella

    • 13/03/2015 by sharon

      thinking of Devon and his family, you are all in our hearts and minds, myself and friends are happy to continue donating to Devon's cause, we are having a bbq tomorow and donations will go to Devons fund thank you kevin for holding the bbq, and fundraising, please keep the updates coming, love and blessings to you all, may the Angels bless you all.

    • 13/03/2015 by Rachael

      Stella..the photo was put up with Amanda full support to highlight the reality of the damage button batteries can cause. Her only control now is to educate others. Money was not asked for. Support in any which way was. A wise lady once told me in life there are many ways to support people. I am extremely lucky to have had positive influences in my life. I was taught that you give what you can and when you can and do not expect anything back. It is the gift of giving with the theory that the person will one day give back to another. What a wonderful world that would be.

      Kind words can be left here as they are very powerful ( Thank you Paul ). Many people have donated which is extremely appreciated. These updates are not required however I am giving them out of courtesy and respect and to feed some people's extremely curious dedication. It is however humbling that our society in NZ is humane and cares for others in which ever way. Anyone can contact give a little should they require their donation back. Amanda nor I would be offended and would still love for you to follow Devons journey.

      obviously you do not need to be a nurse to know that the NZ government pays for our citizens health care. You also do not need to be a nurse to know that if you are in hospital for a period of time that the outside world continues as do bills. You also do not need to be a nurse to know that if the high chance of Devon needing to go to America for surgery, it will not be paid for by the NZ health system.

      I am sorry you have not had a glimpse of positivity re : Devons condition. Pretty hard aye?! Welcome to the reality for Devons family. I am also truly sorry if this sounds negative and upsetting for you. As an ex nurse I am concerned about your well-being. Counseling support is available for you Stella or anyone else in NZ at or contact www.mental if you are affected by Devons plight. Love and blessings. Rachael sayers.

    • 13/03/2015 by Megan

      It breaks my heart that Devon and his family have to go through this. I did some research when I first read about Devon's horrific injuries - to see what the future prognosis and likely treatment would be. I have no medical background at all, but from what I understand button battery injuries are very difficult to treat. No two cases are the same and the damage can continue to worsen even after the battery has been removed. I would imagine there have been no updates with positive news so far simply because there is none. It is a miracle that this little man is still here and man is he putting a fight. Once the wounds to the esophagus and trachea have been repaired (or repaired as much as possible) scar tissue begins to form, it narrows the esophagus and the trachea making it impossible for them to function properly. I imagine Devon will likely require months if not years of routine dilation to stretch both the esophagus and trachea. There are risks of further complications, absesseces, infections etc. There is no quick fix for an injury like this, I read online that many patients with injuries like these end up with esphogeal transplants (a very rare procedure) and tracheotomies. (tube inserted directly through neck into airway) to assist breathing. I'm sure the team at Starship are doing their best for Devon but I would not be at all surprised if the extent of his injuries exceed even their amazing capabilities. There are specialist treatment centres in the U.S that deal with these types of injury and I imagine that these options are being investigated for Devon but will come at a cost. I'm sure Amanda and her support team will post some good news when they have it but I imagine a good day right now is one that nothing goes wrong. While many of us are extremely concerned for Devon and are following his journey we also need to remember that this is a very long and difficult process for the family, and I know if it was me I would have bigger worries then keeping the public updated - especially when there was not a great deal to report. That being said...I will continue to check for updates, (they will happen when they happen and I will wait patiently and look forward the day when there is some good news for this little guy.) I hope I haven't offended anyone or stepped on anyone's toes by writing this novel. Like I said before I have no medical training, this is just what I understood from what I read online and I hope it helps to clarify things a little for people wondering. Devon's story has captured my heart and I wish nothing but the best for him and his family at this time. Stay strong, one day at a time.

    • 17/03/2015 by Paul

      How is little Devon doing? We all hope the little guy has improved since the last post. Has there be any news on his neurological condition?

      Please let mum know we're thinking of him. I've made it a point to spread the awareness of the dangers of these batteries to other people... Such a tragic thing to have happen for doing nothing other than being a curious little boy...

    • 19/03/2015 by Robyn

      My name is Robyn Hacche - I am Amanda's mother, and Devon is my beautiful grandson. This little man is the sweetest, most placid, happy, smiley, beautiful baby and a pure delight to us all. This tragic accident and the horrific injuries Devon has endured are huge and a great sadness for, and have have affected the lives, of all our family. Amanda, my daughter, is doing a wonderful job as a mother looking after Devon in every way she can - his health care, his emotional care, amusing him with toys, and books, and little games - actually she is sacrificing her whole life at present for Devon, and, on top of that caring for Mikayla and Braydon. I doubt there would be a mother in the world who could do more - I am extremely proud of her. When Devon gives me one of his beautiful smiles and his lovely big brown eyes sparkle he melts my heart. This little angel certainly didn't deserve this pain and suffering, which will likely go on for years. When I last saw him late last week those beautiful brown eyes, were sad and soulful, and no smiles - just his little cry with no sound. It broke my heart, and so it does over and over. We are all hoping and praying there will be progress after this last big operation - miracles can happen can't they! Otherwise we will find a way to take him to America where they can do more.

      I am very thankful that Amanda has had so much support and encouragement from her friends and from so many other good caring people - you are the "wind beneath her wings". Thank you also for the generous donations, the offers to look after the two older children and outings for them, transport for them, messages of support - I thank you all for everything you are doing for my girl and my grandson. It is heartening to know that there are so many caring, compassionate, generous, giving people in the world. Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • 19/03/2015 by Paul

      Thank you for the update Robyn. Having an 11 month old boy who bares a resemblance to Devon I can't help but think it could so easily be my own little boy lying there. I never even knew how dangerous these batteries could be until I saw this story. My son too had an illness early in his life, though nothing like what little Devon is going through. It takes great personal courage to keep pushing through each day and to remain positive. Its good to know Amanda and Devon have such supportive people around her to help her get through this time..

    • 25/03/2015 by Nichola

      Thank you for campaigning to bring this to parents' attention. I had no idea that batteries were so destructive to our little ones in such a short amount of time. I am heartbroken that you are yet to see any progress of the surgeries counteracting the damage caused. Once I became aware of the danger batteries present, I did a little research on it - I am aware that each child's recovery is entirely dependent upon the damage caused and their response to treatment but I did come across this link to a website about a little boy who had severe injuries very similar to Devon who took several years to recover but is now a happy little boy at home. He had his entire oesophagus removed and replaced with a portion of his bowl. He also had an entirely new trachea - all of which was specialist surgery only available in a few locations in the US. His condition was critical on several occasions and it took him over 2 years before he was able to run around like a little boy should. As I've already said, each recovery is completely different but I hope it provides some hope that even in the most adverse circumstances, courageous little boys like Devon can pull through. Our thoughts are with you all


      11 March 2015


    Devon survived the surgery. Now only time will tell.

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    • 12/03/2015 by Paul

      Thank you for the update... many people are thinking of you and your little angel.

    • 24/03/2015 by sharon

      thinking of you all at this difficult time, its heartbreaking, thanking you for the updates, baby Devon is so strong, he has been through so much, as have his family, our thoughts and prayers are with you all, please give Devons mum a big hug, tell her we are all praying for a positive outcome, God bless you all.


      9 March 2015

    (Written yesterday )


    The medical team have decided to open Devon's chest up and stop his heart and lungs again. Devon has had 7 surgeries in the past 3 weeks and unfortunately they haven't helped at all as he has continued to slide backwards in his recovery. The surgical team are attempting to cut more of his trachea (airway) out as the corrosion burns from the battery have tightening so much is impossible for Devon to be able to breath independently. They are operating tomorrow.

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    • 11/03/2015 by Paul

      Amanda, so sorry to hear that Devon is not doing so well. I have an 11 month old boy and your story has really resonated with me. I hope and pray that Devon improves soon. Please keep us updated...

    • 13/03/2015 by sharon

      just wanted to sa you are doing a fantastic job.y a very special thank you to the surgical team,


      26 February 2015

    Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this update. Devon health has neither improved or worsened. At the moment he is needing weekly dilations to help him with his breathing. Your continued support is very much appreciated and will update if there is any change in his condition.

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    • 26/02/2015 by Stella

      So glad to hear he is holding his own, day by day, he certainly is a wee fighter isn't he! Have they given you any hope that he will breathe alone or speak? He really is a miracle baby, when you research this topic and see how it has turned out for others its a true blessing he is here. It will be wonderful if they make it law to coat these batteries in a dye as it hoped (that way parents/caregivers/teachers will know straight away what has happened).

      Thanks again for the update I know many people are following your journey and we are all sending positive thoughts and prayers to Devon.


    • 02/03/2015 by Mata

      Thank you for keeping us updated with Devon, I have been thinking of little one today and wonder how he is doing, Devon is strong and a little fighter, so thank you, our prayers and thoughts are with you all,

    • 07/03/2015 by Stella

      Hi again, just wondering how Devon is getting on? Just been at the Mount beach to watch someone I know shaving his hair for Child Cancer, its so amazing what people will do to be able to help those in need. Could you please update us on his progress, thanks so much.


      17 February 2015


    Unexpectedly Devon is on his way to theatre again. Dev had been doing so well over the last 3 days but overnight and this morning he had gone down and is struggling with breathing and he is vomiting again.

    — looking for a miracle.

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    • 17/02/2015 by Stella

      Rachael/Amanda , We hope all went well in surgery today, we are thinking of your little boy, we are all hoping it won't be long before he can breather un-aided and say Mumma and Da Da again !!

      He's a wee fighter isn't he. Thank you for the update.

      God bless Devon !

    • 18/02/2015 by Melina


    • 19/02/2015 by Stella

      Hi , can you please let us know how Devon is doing the last we heard he was off to theatre, because he had gone down hill and that was two days ago and no word since.

      I shared his plight with the ladies I work with and many have donated, they ask me every day how he is coming along, so a update would be wonderful, thank you.


      12 February 2015

    Devon is currently still in intensive care. For several days he has been vomitting up his feeds causing further damage to his oesophagus. Tomorrow he will have sugery again. This will include a laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy. Depending on these scopes, Devon may require further granulation or tissue removal (scraping the damaged tissue off the inside of his trachea). Lets hope this all goes well.

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      9 February 2015

    On behalf of Amanda and family I want to thank everyone for the donations thus far recieved. More importantly the kind words of overwhelming support for a mother who right now needs our backing and understanding. I will give you an update on Devon within 48 hours. In the meantime, your continued positive support is very much appreciated. Rachael Sayers.

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    • 09/02/2015 by Stella

      Hasn't the response been amazing! It is so good to make people aware of the dangers that lurk in our homes. That would be fantastic to know how Devon is progressing, what a great friend you are to help out your friend at this time it must be extremely stressful for the parents and siblings.

      Kia Kaha - stay strong!

    • 11/02/2015 by Susan

      Hi Rachael,

      This is Susie, Amanda's sister from Australia. I have been emailing NZ media and clubs to get the story about Devon out to assist the fundraising. I hope we can achieve $100k for the family. I contacted the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff yesterday (Kelly). She has replied today on behalf of the Prime Minister who sends his thoughts and prayers to Amanda and Devon. The PM has offered one of his artworks and one of his JK Pinot Noir wine (both autographed) to be auctioned as you see fit. All proceeds to go to Amanda and Devon. I would like to introduce you to Kelly so that this can be arranged. May I have your email address please? Please respond to me on my work email - Thank you so much xxx

    • 12/02/2015 by Rachael

      That is amazing susie. Had trouble with network until today hence lack of Reply. My email is Rachael Sayers.

    • 12/02/2015 by debbie

      Hi, I'd love an update on Devons progress. Fingers crossed that he is getting a little better each day!

    • 12/02/2015 by Stella

      Woohoo look at the donations now and from all over the world too!! Have been looking forward to the progress report on how this little battler is coming along, hoping that the lack of the update is down to Rachael having network problems and not that Devon is not doing well.

      Please update us :)

      Love and light to you all !

    • 13/02/2015 by Amanda


      I am Amanda Hacchè, Devon's Mama, I want to sincerely thank each and everyone you for the depth of support offered, gentle kindness and incredible generosity you have shown our wee family.

      The intensity of our situation is very overwhelming at times so I will sit with Devon and I will read back over your comments to find a bit more inner strength to keep going. Then Devon will smile at me and for a very flitting moment all feels right with the world again. (Please know I do read every single comment that is left for us -they are very significant to me).

      I am awed and often brought to tears by the beautiful comments that are left for us.

      I wrote this little update at 11.30pm last night...

      I'm just sitting here with Dev in the pediatric intensive care unit. My baby has had a VERY rough day (been going up and down for days now) because he keeps vomiting up his feeds (gastric feeding straight into his tummy)..?? Devon vomiting is extremely bad news as vomit has a high acidity level so it's damaging to the join in Devon's oesophagus.

      ??Buba is also off on another trip to theatre tomorrow for larngeoscopy and a bronchonscopy. Depending on what these scopes show he may also be having further granulation tissue removal (scraping the tissue off the inside of his trechea) and potential dilation in his trechea. ??

      I am exhausted from sleep deprivation so really need to pull myself together and find my bed then crawl into it.??


    • 15/02/2015 by Megan

      Keep fighting little Devon, your mummy needs you! Amanda, I hope you don't mind, I shared your story with the Emmett's Fight Facebook page. It's a non profit organisation trying to raise awareness of the dangers of button battery's in the U.S. Emmett was 1 when he swallowed a battery and his family have been to hell and back too, but his wee story is quite inspiring. I just wanted to let you know about it as I thought hearing his story might help you find a little bit of extra fight on the days you are struggling to. Emmets mum has shared the link for Devon's give a little page too. Keep fighting and stay strong, thinking of you.

    • 16/02/2015 by tracey

      Its 4am Monday morning and I wouldn't be surprised if you were awake Amanda. Hi there, my name is Tracey. My god, what a horrific accident. who would have thought. I am so sorry that Devon has been so badly injured by such a simple event. As everyone is saying, it could happen to anyone . Kids are resilient Amanda, a few years from now and Devon will be skipping along with life in which ever shape that may be for him. You will be his anchor and he will be your joy. Take heart young mum, we are all willing a speedy recovery for him and your family. We are an older couple, busy at our jobs all day every day. We live a brisk 30 min walk to the hospital. We have a spare room , a quiet peaceful house to chill. If you would like to use it for whatever reason, pls text me. 0212178294.

    • 23/02/2015 by Stella

      Rachael , I am hoping you are able to let us all know how Devon is getting on, we are worried as the last thing his Mum posted was that he had gone down hill and was heading into surgery and that she was looking for a miracle, we have been looking in every day but no update for days, can you please post a update. Thank you

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