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Do you believe you have a right to refuse medical treatment? Now is the time to act.

$9,043 of $38,000 goal
Given by 139 generous donors in around 3 months

New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out With Science are taking our case to the Court of Appeal for all New Zealanders and we need your support.


In a democratic and free society most people actually believe that “Bodily autonomy is an essential unconditional liberty.” This is why NZTSOS is appealing the ruling that denied the rights of educators to refuse medical treatment. It was ruled that it was justified under the vaccine mandates at the time they were in place.

We are under no illusions, the chances of winning the appeal are not high. However, we believe, like many other New Zealanders, that they simply just got it wrong. This is our legal avenue to give a strong nationwide voice to that cry.

The vaccine mandates may have been temporarily lifted in the education sector but unless the law of New Zealand upholds the absolute right to refuse medical treatment, at any time this government or successive governments may decide that forced medical treatment on whole sections of the population are justifiable solely on the advice of the Director General of Health.

“If you don’t own yourself absolutely, you own nothing” to quote a human rights activist’ says Mike Shaw. “This appeal is an opportunity to give a voice to all those New Zealanders who do not believe that the Government has the right to inject them with a vaccine whenever they say or suffer the consequences of loss of job and treatment as a second class citizen.”

Use of funds

The money will be spent on solicitors' fees and hiring "Frontline Law" to present our case to the Court of Appeal. If we do not meet our target the money will be used to support other united legal battles to protect the human rights of all New Zealanders.

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Finish line in sight! Thank you for all your support. What's next?  4 October 2022

Dear supporter,

Due to the expert work of Frontline Law we've our original anticipated legal costs have been reduced and we are comfortable to say we have enough funds through our give-a-little page and NZTSOS account to get us to 'the finish line.' Thank you so much for your support.

We have been allocated some time in the Court of Appeal in August/September 2023 although we may be able to get there earlier. We hope to get an update on that this month.

We have/are closing this give-a-little fundraising drive but we still have some financial needs. For example; you can now go to our website This cost approximately $1,500 to set up.

We are setting up a much needed information pack with info on law relating to discrimination in the context of vaccination issues, employment rights and obligations, advice for people applying for jobs, a summary of the work NZTSOS has done and is doing and avenues for further support. This will cost $1,000 - $2,000 to set up.

We are involved in a legal dispute arising from information we gathered for our affidavits in the original court case. We need $2,000 to help with this.

If you are able to help with any of these needs, please contact us on

The best way to follow our progress and keep up to date is through

Once again, thanks

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This campaign started on 22 Jun 2022 and ended on 1 Oct 2022.