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Donna Doolittle's Animal Rescue

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Help needed to get Donna and her mum the necessary plans and consents for their existing property to care for animals.

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Approx 3 years ago Donna's mother sold her home and put all her money into buying some land rurally so they could provide better facilities for the animals in our community. She lived in a caravan waiting for Donna to sell her home so she could free up funds for her to buy some containers to build herself a home, as that’s all she could afford to do, to support Donna's dream. It took a while for Donna to sell as she has 2 chronically ill daughters that she needed to focus on. Once she sold, she only had enough funds to also have a tiny home built. They did what they did as that is the sacrifice they made for the animals.

Now some very unkind person has targeted Donna and called the council about her tiny home which has also landed her mother in hardship as well.

The Doolittle’s have saved 1000’s of animals from neglect & abuse, rehabilitating, nurturing, providing veterinary care and finding suitable homes. They will not stop what they are doing!!

The council are only doing their job and are working with Donna and her mum, but the requirements they have to now follow to be able to live in their homes and continue to look after the animals is astronomical!! And they don’t have the funds to do it 😞 YES they realise that they should have done this from the beginning but they didn’t have the funds to do it. It was the risk they took to provide better facilities for the animals.

If there is anyone out there who can help with a few of the requirements they face or can recommend people, they firstly are needing someone to do a SITE PLAN & RESOURCE CONSENT.

Barbara Pengelly's involvement (page creator)

I have received a rescue kitten from Donna Doolittles Animal Rescue, as have thousands of others in the Far North.

Use of funds

Money to get plans and consents to keep rescue facility going. Any extra money raised will be used to help continue the work being done by Donna and her mum in rescuing animals in the Far North.

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Carol on 24 Mar 2021
Your’ve got this doolittle’s ❤️
Jane on 19 Mar 2021
We're all behind you - keep up the good work Donna
Main on 19 Mar 2021
Kiri on 19 Mar 2021
Good luck Donna
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Mar 2021

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