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Making dreams come true Family holiday with an amazingly brave girl

Tokoroa, Waikato

My Daughter Jackie has finally said the words after 19yrs Mum I want to go to Disneyland

We would love to make this happen before she goes blind, our little family have been through so much and would love to achieve this life changing holiday for her

Jackie suffered a brain bleed when she was given the wrong medication while waiting for a liver transplant and we have just found out that she is blind in her right eye and is losing site in the other due to a stroke would love a family holiday.

*Update from 15/03*

As Disneyland is extremely expensive we have decided to take Jackie to Australia to visit the world's Dreamworld Movie world, SeaWorld

**Please see our previous Givealittle page here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/helpjackie

Use of funds

The funds will be used on a making dreams come true on taking Jackie to Australia including flights, accommodation etc.

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Latest update

Seaworld for Jackie's bday  9 December 2023

Jackie is totally blind in right eye and lising site in the other this fighter deserves the world 🌎

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Latest donations

Leah&Joshua on 12 Aug 2023
Susan Mead

Thank you you beautiful family loads of love ❤️

Susan Mead
Mick on 15 Feb 2023
I lost my wife to a brain aneurysm so my heart goes out to you and your family.
Susan Mead

My heart breaks for you Mike gentle hugs and thank you so much x❤️

Susan Mead
Pammi on 15 Feb 2023
Let's make this dream come true ❤❤
Susan Mead

Thank you Hun

Susan Mead
Fitzpatrick on 15 Feb 2023
Susan Mead

Thank you so much Hun 💓

Susan Mead
Jeremy Pourau
Jeremy Pourau on 11 Feb 2023
Susan Mead

Thank you so much 💖

Susan Mead

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