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Dylan's second brain surgery

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Help Dylan and his family through his second brain surgery and recovery.

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Hi everyone (:

My name is Dylan Bowman, I am 23 years old and on Monday the 13th of May I will be having my second brain surgery.

2 years ago (21 years old) i was diagnosed with Ependymoma (a rare, incurable, aggressive, cancerous, tumor of usually the spine or brain stem, mine had grown in a unknown place of the brain where it wouldn't usually grow, in the right-parietal lobe) Quite literally shortening my life. Due to the unknown growth location, my neurologists/neurosurgeons couldn't give me a definite on how long I had left.

Previous to that I was mountain biking, motorbike riding, swimming and working full time as a chef when my left side gave up which had me sent to hospital.

I had surgery and radiation treatment to prolong the worst outcome.

FAST FORWARD 2 YEARS I have been working full time at Duck Island Ice Cream making delicious ice-cream, and part time at Create Video, flying drones and creating awesome video content.

I've recently joined the AYA (adolescent young adult) Cancer Network Advisory Group, to help advance the care for young adults through their journey with Cancer.

February 2019 I had a routine MRI scan, the results came back with a small mass that had grown in the bed of my last surgery. At this point, we didn't know what it is or when it grew. It could either be another tumor or a scar from radiation. As it was so small my neurosurgeon and I made the decision to wait and see if it grows, meaning people who need surgery right away could have it and I wouldn't waste the surgeons time.

April 2019 I had a follow up scan and it has grown so now I'm having another surgery to remove the mass.

I'm living away from home, making the most of what I've got, and what I have to give.

My goals after surgery are to eventually work full time again, get back on the bike and enjoy life as a young adult.

My previous Give a little from my first surgery raised $11,101. These funds helped with travel costs to bring my family from far and wide to visit. Also with Physiotherapy, treatment and helping me get back up on my feet.

Here's a link to the previous Give a little,

Use of funds

The use of generous funds raised will go towards supporting my family and I through this hard time, treatment, travel costs and therapy.

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    Lots of love and strength to you Dylan


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    Hope you get better bro. Thoughts are with you and your family ♥️


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dylan bowman


Hi everyone :)

I'm 23 years old and have been diagnosed with Ependymoma Cancer.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of dylan bowman.

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“We love you & also will be praying for you too.”
“Hope all goes well. ❤”
“Good luck with everything Dylan! Not sure if you remember me from The Fat Camel :P Sending positive energy your way across the sea from Brisbane!”
“Your positivity inspired me, all the best with the second surgery.”
“All the best, Dylan”
“Wishing you all the best.”
“Prayers going out for a successful operation and complete healing”
“Stay positive brother you've got this ❤”
“Kia kaha Dylan 💪🏻”
“Good luck Dylan, have a speedy recovery”
$2,101 donated

Given by 43 generous donors in one week


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