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Edgecumbe & Eastern Bay of Plenty (EBOP) Mayoral Flood Appeal

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    Kristopher asks

    I also agree with Sarah only providing help and funds for uninsured (some illegally with mortgages) will in no doubt devide our community. This funding should be equally divided up to ALL affected home owners, having insurance does not make it an easy ride some struggle just to make insurance payments through the year.. Others couldn't and some of those couldn't be bothered ?. We had a car that we had insured for third party (fire,theft and if you crash into someone) not a flood caused by negligent people. Now we desperately need another car but don't have the funds to replace it. I would like compensation for this so we can replace it please ?. Also it has been brought to my attention that Eqc will only remove silt from under our homes if it has more then 15mm of silt build up.. one house i know of so far had 10mm of CONTAMINATED silt and because it did not meet there minimum depth?? What is the plan to correct or get people in to remove it for these people and who is testing this 10mm of silt to confirm it to be COMPLETELY harmless??.

    on 17 May 2017

    This question has not been answered yet.

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    Sarah asks

    I have recently been told that this fund will be used for the cleanup rather than given to the residents. I was also told by a resident who attended the meeting that he was told that this fund will go to those without insurance. What about those who have to try and come up with their excess? If this is true, I think this is piss-poor. This money should be available to all residents affected by the flooding regardless if they have insurance or not. Insurance claims are going to take a while to pay out and there is the matter of excesses to try and cover. Most won't have that kind of money available.

    on 13 Apr 2017

    • Whakatane District Council

      Whakatane District Council

      Agreement on Trustees and establishment of a process for distribution of Mayoral Relief Fund donations is currently being considered by the Council. The Mayor will make an announcement shortly about this.

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