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Ed Weston - teacher, poet, artist, mentor, chef and friend - Updates - Givealittle

  • Autumn Update from Ed     30 April 2019

    It is just over a month since my last update! Things have changed quite rapidly with me going on to a new alternate regime of chemo by tablet form every alternative day and also radiation therapy for 10 consecutive days finishing on Friday, 12 April and now having to deal with the incredible side effects of fatigue! Furthermore, the chemo has in the interim been temporarily suspended to allow the specialists an opportunity to gauge whether or not the radiation is doing its job!

    Again may I thank you all for walking with me on what is becoming an increasingly difficult road to walk or if you wish climbing the mountain is presenting some really challenging traverses!

    Within myself I am strong and count each day a blessing! My teacher continues to demand more and more from me but the lessons I learn fill me with profound joy - as strange as that may seem!

    As the Dalai Lama once said “one step at a time”! And, that is how I manage to get by each day!

    Thanks particularly to Kim Watson-Whyte, Sarah Smythe, Claire Lander and a number of senior Otumoetai College Students for their support and organisation of the film night. I'd also like to thank Kathryn Knipe for organising the raffle, and Brendon Good for Brookfield New World's generous sponsorship of the raffle prize and the platters on the film night.

    The raffle was won by a very happy Lou Wreaks! Congratulations.

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  • New Developments     10 March 2019
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    There have been some developments in Ed's journey this week, and we also wanted to let those of you who are local know that we have a movie night fundraiser organised on Thursday the 28th of March at 6pm - ‘Swimming With Men - Sync or Swim’.

    Thanks to your efforts, the Weston's were able to afford to fund the $7500 a month for his dramatically life-changing medication. As a result, Ed is now able to fulfil his long-held dream of painting full time, and, thanks to the incredible efforts and support by you he feels he, at last, has the energy and determination to get up a few canvases. This angel of a man has painted an absolutely stunning picture to auction as a fund-raiser for one of Otumoetai College's students, who is also battling cancer. It is the first time in just over a year that Ed has felt so inspired to get things done and he wants everyone to know how grateful he is for your wonderful, ongoing support! It has meant more to him and his family than one could imagine!

    In a recent development, the doctor's have now changed the medication that Ed is on. A positive outcome, however, is that, for the time being, the new medications ARE funded so the burden of the heavily non-funded drug has been lifted for now.

    As we are unsure of what medication will be required in the future to ensure that Ed continues to lead a full and active life, we are keeping the page open. As many of you can appreciate, the cost of this journey has not been cheap.

    Ed is really looking forward to the movie night!! So if you are able, please join him! Email for tickets!

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  • Ed     18 February 2019
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    Ed’s days are just getting brighter and better, keep the love and donations coming 💗

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  • Sensational Summer ☀️     15 February 2019

    Ed’s had a glorious summer! His quality of life has vastly improved and his optimism continues to shine brighter every day. The strength and love shown through messages and visits from friends, family, colleagues and past students has made his journey so much easier and given him the courage to keep climbing when he’s felt vulnerable and needed that support. Ed and his family appreciate the enormous contribution everyone has made towards funding this lifeline.

    Let’s continue to show Ed how much we care. The next $15,000 is due in March. You’ve kindly helped cover the costs to date but now we need Ed to celebrate an awesome Autumn. 💗

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  • Happy New Year     1 January 2019
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    Today I feel quite like my old self! Indeed, it is a wonderful feeling! It is a miracle - life is a miracle! Thank you to everyone who made this miracle possible for me and my family! Thank you for your generosity and inspiring comments - those have been a healing in themselves.

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  • Encouraging News from Ed 💗     31 December 2018
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    After our appointment today it appears that the new medication is making a difference to my situation for which we are most grateful! We are certainly very much encouraged and would like to say yet again, a huge thank you, to everyone for their support and generous comments and donations! One step at a time!

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  • Merry Christmas from Ed     24 December 2018

    This update is dedicated to Dr Gillian Corbett and her team of dedicated nurses and administrative personnel at the Tauranga Cancer Centre! Their thoughtfulness and care over the past few months has been amazing!

    Furthermore, my family and I are blown away by the generous donations and supportive comments that continue to appear on the Give a Little page!

    To Claire for her continuing and amazing support, as well as Margaret, Kimbo and Sarah!

    A very Happy Christmas to everyone!

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  • Thank you!!      22 December 2018
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    Beautiful flowers and a lovely message delivered today 💗

    Dearest Ed,

    Our very best love and good wishes surround you on this journey.

    We are all walking with you in support.

    Love always ‘Mr Ed’ xxx

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  • Ed and Jo     22 December 2018
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    Our 36th Wedding anniversary - on 21 December 2018. Ed

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  • From Ed     20 December 2018
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    I would be quite justified in saying that the response to the “Give a Little” page has been not only overwhelming but astonishing in the extreme! In fact beyond my wildest imaginings!

    Claire has masterminded this whole initiative with the support of Sarah Smythe, Kimbo Whyte and Margaret Keam and of course Otumoetai College!

    The generosity of spirit - contributions and comments - have made me realise that my life’s work as a teacher was not in vain! That my students did not just learn about how to phrase and punctuate sentences and write essays about some obscure texts but that they also learnt something of life’s lessons!

    I wish to dedicate this update to

    Claire and to all my past students and what they taught me. And for allowing me to always be myself - eccentric as it may have been at times! And, to all of those others who have been so generous in their giving of both the donations and the sentiments expressed. It is healing in itself!! Believe me! And, deeply humbling!

    Thank you, everyone! Whakawhetai koe, katoa!

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  • From Ed 💗     16 December 2018

    This allows me the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to support me and my family in paying for further treatment! The response has been overwhelming and I am deeply humbled not just by the contributions but the very generous comments! Arohanui Ed, Jo, Alex and Leo

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