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Emma, Paul and Baby Reuben Newlands

  • Update from Emma and Paul which can’t fit in the above description box

      11 July 2022

    To make matters harder on the couple, the hospital has since admitted that Reuben and Emma’s care was negligent for hours. Emma and Paul arrived to hospital at 9 am that day. He was born five and half hours later despite both Emma and Reuben being critical condition. Learning his death could have been prevented is even more catastrophic for them. In New Zealand there is no compensation given to families in their position who have lost a baby due to poor care. Due to Reuben being an IVF baby financial stresses are unfortunately a major concern for the family.

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  • IVF Update

      29 May 2022
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    Emma and Paul are aiming to complete 2 rounds/attempts of IVF time to ensure their chances are high to create another miracle. Each round costs them about 16k without the add ons. We are SO close at getting them 2x rounds with a goal of 30K. Reuben will never be forgotten among his potential brother or sister one day ♥️❤️

    Thank you x

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    • 29/05/2022 by Paul

      We cannot thank all of you kind donors and supporters out there enough. At the worst time in our lives, we have been shown so much kindness and love. It doesn't make our pain go away, but it gives us some hope of joy being in our future. Also thank you to our best friends Millie and Sam who made this fundraiser page for us and have also supported us in every way possible xx love Emma and Paul