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Emma Needs a New Set of Ears!

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My hearing aids will be at the end of their life soon. As a musical person and qualified music teacher, my hearing is vital to my happiness.

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Growing up mum and dad say I was prone to ear infections - I would be on a new set of antibiotics every fortnight. It was not something I ever felt angry about...rather I was just used to having sore ears.

At Intermediate School, I started learning the flute. Excelling from the moment I could make a sound, I went on to learn piccolo and alto sax at High School, and then teach myself clarinet.

Whilst studying composition at Auckland University, I discovered a quiet desire for conducting (ooh, gimme a solid brass section full of weird and wonderful chords any day!) In my third year of uni, my lecturer took me aside and noticed how the only paper I was failing (and ultimately did fail that year) was the aural paper. She said I would need to resit next year. She also suggested I take myself to a hearing appointment 'just to be on the safe side'.

Lo and behold! Both my ears were suffering a moderate hearing loss. Less than a month later I was retro-fitted with what my husband and I call 'my ears' - or Alera 9 hearing aids. Turns out I had had a reaction to the antibiotics that caused permanent damage to my ears over time. The very next semester I improved some 25% on my final paper! Whoohoo!

Use of Funds:

I am now a qualified music teacher with dreams of running my own music school. A fundamental part of being a musician is engaging with and experiencing the music. To do this I will need hearing aids.

My current set are failing. The technology is outdated, and the cost of repairs is becoming less viable with every passing month.

In conclusion, Emma needs a new set of ears!

Thank you in advance, you beautiful soul.

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Emma Milligan


Hi everyone!

I'm Emma from Auckland. I'm 27, married to a lovely fella called Ian. We have a crazy cat, good laughs, and are mildly obsessed with Family Guy.

I wear two hearing aids...but this doesn't stop me from being head over heels for music. I love puns (the more lame the better) and love being creative.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Emma Milligan.

  • $4,135.00 donated
  • 20 generous donors

$4,135 donated



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