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Emma Needs a New Set of Ears! - Updates - Givealittle

  • New Ears!!     12 October 2017

    I have started a 60 day trial period with new Elite Alera hearing aids! Here's hoping they are more than my wildest dreams :)

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  • Whoohoo!!     6 October 2017

    Had a long appointment with the lovely audiologist today...looks like Tuesday is going ahead for a 60 trial of the Alera model! Very exciting and a long-time coming. Thank you again to all who have donated and supported us :D

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  • Appointment booked     30 September 2017

    I have an appointment booked this Friday to retake the hearing test and talk about options options options for the new set. Should be able to compare models and research what works best with being a musician!

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  • I've had an offer!     21 September 2017

    My audiologist has contacted me and let me know that although I don't qualify for ACC or other funding assistance, I am able to trade-up with my new hearing aids. This means that whatever model I choose, I am able to upgrade it to a higher grade for free! Sort of like choosing a Queen size bed and going home with a King. So that's very exciting! Turns out musician's hearing aids are fairly advanced little pieces of technology...which translates directly in dollar signs... I will hunt around and test a few models before choosing. Thank you again for your help!!

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  • Over halfway!     1 September 2017

    Thank you to everyone (anonymous people too!) who have so very generously donated towards our little fund!

    I'm blown away with the support!! You are all stars :)

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