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Ernest and Jacqui Wessel- they need our support!

  • Coming Home!     29 September 2020
    Posted by: Jocelyn Johnstone

    Ernie is coming home on Friday this week, after 2 weeks at Dunstan.

    Jackie is changing her work as part time paid carer to being full time with Ernie at home, and also working 2 nights a week.

    An extra bathroom is being planned with a wet shower to assist their needs ongoing.

    Were holding a Home and Garden Show on the 21st November to help pay for this. More to follow.

    We all wish them a smooth homecoming, as they build a new life together.

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  • Ernie and Jacqie Wessels - Update     18 September 2020
    Posted by: Jocelyn Johnstone

    Ka Pai. Thank you for all your support. It is very encouraging for Jacqui and Ernie.

    Ernie is at Dunstan hospital receiving further rehabilitation before coming home. Jacqui is changing her life to become the main carer and holding the responsibility for them both including financial. Due to an administrative error there is no insurance for them. If you can help them to rebuild their lives and have financial options long term then this would be awesome.


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