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eSport in the community

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We are seeking your support to enable the Karori Event Centre to offer a fully operational eSport facility for tournaments and club use

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This proposal is to enable to Karori Event Centre to become a fully operational eSport facility that will be suitable for hosting on competitive eSport events. This will be the first dedicated operational eSport facility in the Wellington region.

We are currently in the unique position of having a newly constructed building where the opportunity to fit it out for eSport can be included in the fit-out specifications before the fit-out is completed.

E-Sport (also known as electronic sports, or competitive or professional video gaming) is a form of competition using video games. Commonly, eSport takes the form of organized, online multi-player video game competitions, normally comprising two competitive teams of five players, whose game playing is broadcast live onto a large cinema screen for family, friends and supporters to watch - and as entertainment for general spectators.

In New Zealand, eSport is in its infancy and is mainly dominated by amateur players.

In Karori, we anticipate that the Karori Event Centre will initially be used for tournaments and hired by local eSport clubs for practices.

For the general public, eSport offers a new form of spectator entertainment, that already appeals to the younger members of our community.

The estimated costs are for the practical supply and completion of a fully operational eSport facility, including labour and equipment. All prices are GST excluded. Detailed costs are outlined further below.

Equipment for fully operational eSport facility Cost

E-Sport hardware and systems $73,606.00

Laser projector (4k resolution) and screen $104,060.00

Pipe grid for lighting, fly system, and drapes $92,365.00

Sound system $69,492.00

Lighting and control system $58,458.00

Total (Price includes installation of materials and labour. GST is excluded.) $397,981.00

Use of funds:

E-Sport hardware and systems; Laser projector (4k resolution) and screen; Pipe grid for lighting, fly system, and drapes; Sound system; Lighting and control system

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Our vision is to create, equip and manage, a modern future proofed multi-purpose events centre that will make Karori a more vibrant place to live and visit, now and into the future. A place where people of all ages feel a sense of connection with those around them.

In 2017, the first phase of the new Karori Event Centre building, the base build was constructed to sit alongside the existing Community Centre. The second phase is the fit-out. Once the fit-out is complete, the Event Centre will be fully operational and open to the public.

When the fit-out is completed, we will have an event centre that can be used for music and dance performance, exhibitions, public meetings or special occasions. In addition to community group activities there are commercial opportunities such as conferences as well the chance to be the first e-game capable venue in the Wellington region.

We’ve had amazing support from our local community, the Lotteries Foundation ($500,000), the Wellington City Council, Lion Foundation ($250,000) other donor organisations and individual donors.

Now we need your support to complete the fit-out so we can open this much-needed community facility.

  • $100.00 donated
  • 3 generous donors

$100 donated


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